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Your Favorite Cold Cereals


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My favorite was Oat Flakes, which Post discontinued years ago.......other people have made Oat flakes(mainly companies abroad),but they are just blah...

I like Grape Nuts, which I usually buy. Post makes some banana nut cereal, which is good. Buy Kellogg's All-Bran, which I don't usually end up eating in a bowl, but buy to make muffins with.

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Simply, Cheerios! I'm glad you said COLD cereal, because I HATE farina and hot cereals! My mother used to make me eat them when I was a little girl.


My favorite "cold SERIAL" (funny, James!) is Northern Exposure too! Yep, Janine Turner is a hottie. Did she melt the ice on your television screen, James? wink

smile --Darlene

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Oooh, Darlene, there's this food (desert?) that we used to make using farina that is like manna from heaven. I literally could eat it every day. The recipe comes from the Greek side of the family (maybe Billy K. has heard of it). Just from memory, you start with farina, sugar, butter; cook in pan. Brown some walnuts, coffee; add to farina. Top with cinnamon. We called them farina patties. There's more to it, but I have no clue where the recipe is at the moment. Best thing I've ever tasted. Kirk.

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LOL...I like Paul's list, too, Jennifer...

Hmmm, does "somebody" have a sweet tooth ?


I've never been much of a cold cereal person...I'm an oatmeal kinda girl, but I did try something with strawberries and almonds in it not long ago that was really good..(I just can't remember the name) M.

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