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Hows your knowledge of.....


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New Zealand. From time to time posts have gone up about things in the USA and we have had to seek more info to understand what it is about. We thought it might be a bit of light relief for some of you to tell us what you know about "us".

Without googling or looking up books tell us what you know about New Zealand. We might even send some Chocolate fish to the person(s) we think do the best job.

Muzza and Kiwi

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Hi Muzza,

I know New Zealand is one of top exporters in the world. Some of the products exported are in the agricultural field. I believe that the kiwi fruit is the number one ag product exported.

I also know that New Zealand is located near the South Pacific Islands and that climate change is major concern due to the potential threat of the sea level rising.

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New Zealand is in the Pacific Ocean, mainly consisting of 2 islands (North and South), although there are a handful (or fewer?) smaller islands as well.

Settled by the Maori; colonized by Britain (although the Scots settled in the South Island).

New Zealand has spectacular scenery --mountains, volcanos, geysers, and is a haven for sports enthusiasts.

I suppose it's often considered as an 'after thought' to its larger neighbor Australia.

Isn't it near the International Date Line?

It's also host to two wonderful posters.... smile


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1. New Zealanders drive on the LEFT side of the road !!! (Which according to SOME is the "right" side... :rolleyes:haha )

2. There are some VERY good chocolate treats made in NZ....(chocolate fish, pineapple lumps, etc...).

3. New Zealand is home to 2 of my most favorite people~ LuvLove

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-There are North Island and the South Island and many little islands.

-New Zealanders are a mixture of Polynesians and Europeans

-The Piano and Lord of the Rings were filmed there

-Excellent Lamb and Beef and fabulous wines

-There are the Southern Alps, in the south island.

-The North Island has Volcano’s or is it the other way?

-The guys have looked into kayaking in the Fiordlands and Toka Toka Peak in Northland.

New Zealand is on the list of our “Travel family†to visit.

I have peaked into travel books about New Zealand in the past, Is that cheating?

And I have two friends I hope to meet living in NZ


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NZ has the highest ownership of sailboats per capita in the world. They have a very very large sheep population. The scenery is just beautiful in the country. It is not really close to Australia. It is about 1200 miles away. They have a Prime Minister named Clark. They are the birthplace of a beautiful actress and model Rachel Hunter. The Beatles in 1964 did about 6 concerts in Aukland, Christchurch, Wellington and other places.

And look for the question I asked you about the moon tonight. Thanks...


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NZ - home of my boyhood hero Johnnie Walker ...the runner..not the wiskey. He would kick the butts of all comers in the mile and 1500m......while dressed in all black...very cool.

Also I landed in an airport in Biak, NZ while en route to Bali back in 1988, with the first wife on honeymoon. EGADS!!!!! No problem though...I'm much happier now with Bonnie.

Finally.........Kiwis are REALLY into their Rugby.

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Couple of more tidbits:

The Gala apple, a delicious cross with the crunch of a green apple and the sweetness of a red apple was first brought to us by the Kiwis.

They're always contending for the America's Cup trophy.

The Kiwi bird doesn't fly- because it doesn't have to. It's natural predators got left on the mainland when the island tore off from the mainland.

Muzza, I've got to rebuild my RD400. It's smoking out the right pipe and I suspect the crank seal on that side. I rebuilt the carbs just for ducks, but that didn't do it. What do you think?

p.s.- I know that last bit has nothing to do with the topic, but a little extra filler might get me some chocolate fish! Kirk.

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New Zealand is a country of 2 main islands (north and south), located southeast of Australia, and I believe is considered part of Melanesia. It was colonized in the 19th century and was one of the last areas colonized by the British. It received its independence relatively soon after colonization and is now part of the British Commonwealth. The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand who themselves were "imperialists" in that corner of the world before the British came. Reconciling the Maori and the Anglos' place in society is a political problem New Zealand is currently working through. New Zealand is into sailing, rugby and husband enslavement (see Muzz's "Weekend To Do List").... eek ... arrgh

I travel (though I've never been to NZ), and talk to people who travel, and I think my consensus is that New Zealand is the, or at least one of, the most beautiful places on the planet.

Lastly, New Zealand's independence is tenuous. New Zealanders often wake up at night, in cold sweats, after nightmares of a canoe invasion by Bora Bora (though sometimes NZ chicks wake up hot and sweaty after dreaming of James king ..and use the ubiquitous Bora Bora nightmare as an excuse).


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This is a great thread!!!

I'm not the very educated on New Zealand, but I have a friend in Australia who once lived there.....from pictures, I remember lots of rocky shore line? Bike riding very popular...especially extreme stuff. Lots of exotic birds and animals. From pics I've seen, inland almost reminds me of Florida, maybe kinda windy there too?


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