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We hope you get better soon!

Annie Dolan

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Hi Everyone!.I know some of you may know this but for everyone who doesn't yet! am Ecstasy->Kathy Lee's daughter!.Tonight she went into the emergency room because she wasn't feel well.Everyone kept thinking it was a flu and the doctors said it's not.So they ran some tests on her and can't find anything but their gonna keep her over night because she still has a bad headache and Nausea.Ill be keeping you all updated if i here anything else.She's wonderful and i love her so much! So if you guys could pray for her that would be amazing!

Thank you all so much!

I love you mom=]

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I have good news! They are sending my mom home today!.I talked with her on the phone and she told me what they tryed 3times yesterday to do a spinal tap and they couldn't.They did a MRI and a Cat scan and didn't find anything but her blood white count was up a bit so she has a something they just don't know what!.She said she feels a little bit better now so thats good!

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I'm home. A little beaten up and worse for the wear but I'm home. Thank you all for your kindness and prayers.

To put it in a nutshell, the hospital had no idea even after a CT, a MRI, a MRA, and three unsuccessful attempts at a spinal tap plus labs. I kept telling them it had to do with the air pressure on my discs but they kept insisting I was nuts. I have a spinal deformity and herniated disc in my lower back and two herniated discs in my neck that I receive treatment for twice a week. Today I followed my gut and went to my chiro. He adjust my C1 and C2 which were twisted in opposite directions! These are the two that put pressure directly on the brain stem! I'm still weak and shaky but the pain is gone and the vertebrae are in place so I guess I was right after all. I'll see him and my acupuncturist again on Thursday. I'll also need to see my naturopath to help detox me of all of these medications they pumped in me.

P.S. The hospital did NOT like my acupuncture and suction cup marks on my back (an ancient treatment called 'cupping'.) They kept asking me what the bruises were and glaring at my poor husband as though he beat me!!!

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