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OMGOSH - I'm so excited!


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Now I don't suppose that a stray dozen or so of Lithuania's finest might find their way to Famous Dave's this Sunday. A west coast review, including some noted international judges, might be of interest to the rest of the EC.com family.

No pressure, or anything like that. :rolleyes:

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I'm excited for you Wendy! I think I know how you feel. You've probably seen me post that I love to cook and bake. A few years back I also had a recipe published in a cookbook and I was even featured in an article in our local newspaper! I was thrilled!

Sounds like you are on the path to fame out there in the O.C.! Congratulations!

Remember... Good Friendships and Good Desserts are some of the sweetest things in life... spin

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I just came back from a tea party meeting to find these posts.

Thanks, for being happy for me. I'm thinking this is kinda cool.

Hmmmmmmmm...Famous Dave's...gee I guess I wasn't the only one with that idea. As long as I have time I'll bring some!

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Ok, now if you guys think they suck...there's gonna be a phonenapping without me and you'll talk about how sucky they were.

Then if Muzza and Kiwi eat them and get sick for some reason, everyone will be saying..."It's those sucky cookies! I knew it, I just knew it."

I hope they don't suck. haha

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