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Has Lew Scared Everyone off the Message Board???


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I haven't had time to do much posting but I have been peeking in every day or two. I'm working like crazy sewing my son's wedding! I've already knocked off three bridesmaids' gowns (except for the hems) and am 3/4 finished with my gown. I've already begun fittings on the bride's gown and work on both tiers of her veiling. I still have tons of sewing to do and a rehearsal dinner to plan and host. Plus, my Annie just had foot surgery. Other than that I've got nothing to do!

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I too haven't been around much lately.At my wife's suggestion I began to stop avoiding doctors and have myself thoroughly checked out.

Ironically...after rededicating myself to the gym...and not having a drink for the last 4 months...I had a Nuclear Strees Test which showed an irregular pattern at peak stress possibly indicating a blockage in my heart.

Well I had an angiogram at JFK Hospital in Edison NJ yesterday (same hospital where Luther Vandross expired.I always make musical connections.) and it was a false positive...meaning false alarm.

I am free to "Go All The Way"!

Hence as my way of saying it's good to be alive-I have decided to pick up the slack and devote myself full-time to EC.Com.

I have retired from teaching...locked myself in the bedroom...and told my family to leave me alone until further notice.

It's a tough job...but somebody's gotta do it.

(Well...At least I'll do it for the next coupla days when I gotta take it easy anyway..Doctor's Orders (Carol Douglas)..Damn There I go doin' it again.)-Ira.

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My play-time has been more limited.

We started too many home renovation projects~ they just seem to snowball.

Then when one incompetent group of idiots from Lowe's came in...the chaos took over



I'll spare the details but there is no end in sight.

And just to add to the stress level I gave a big party last night- with the house still unfinished.

It was a great time and we all just laughed about it.

I can laugh now, because I cried about the mess for weeks now.

I am so disappointed that the Raspberries concert came up so quickly. I just can't get away until this is all resolved.

Plus, I will be in New York in November, Talk about bad timing!

So, I will live vicariously through you lucky folks that will attend.

I come to EC.com to de stress and enjoy the posts.

Lew couldn't chase me off

Southerner's are accustom to eccentric or just plain ol' crazy family members

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Oh no, nobody is afraid of Lew! Except that Diane is still running from her near-wedding. Haha!

Ira, I'm so glad you're okay. I have a friend who is a band teacher who has high cholesterol and almost every year he gets a false positive also and goes in for an angiogram, and they tell him he's fine.

I'm so glad you're alright. You DESERVE to cloister yourself with the computer and spend as much time on EC.com and Raspberries.net as you want!

Did you really retire from your school gig? If so, I envy you! I still have about four more years to go, depending on how the department goes. We have a new boss coming in about two weeks and from all accounts, he's a terrific jazz band man and extremely nice. He sounds like a blessing.

Tony, I would've thought you'd be hanging around LADIES' bathrooms trolling for a cutie or two.

The old boss left us a scheduling nightmare, so it took a bit of doing to straighten it all out. I'll have more time to spend at EC.com now and I'll have more time to get to know Lew's softer side, Lewisa.

smile --Darlene

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