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A Memorial Day wish...


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I wish that all our veterans and currently brave fighting men and women know that they are appreciated, loved, admired, and needed by all of us.

My thoughts turn to one particular Vietnam vet whom we all know and love (in many ways, right Lisa??!!!!)who came back to all of us after serving our country. Thank you, Mr. Smalley. Words cannot express how much we appreciate your many sacrifices.

Freedom isn't free. God Bless America and all of us far and wide and abroad.

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I also understand (correct me if I am wrong) that Wednesday is the offical date for Memorial Day.

I have had the great honor to interview several WWII vets about their experiences and I have trouble expressing how selfless and brave these gentlemen were - i can't believe what they lived through and carry with them every day. Some great memories to be sure but horrendous horrors as well.

You have my eternal respect and admiration, Paulie.

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Let me clarify; I am an honorably discharged veteran, but I had the good fortune of serving in peace-time. I do not hold myself in the same esteem as the men who actually saw battle; though I was prepared and ready to go to battle should we have gone to war during my enlistment. But then part of the reason we had a peace-time was that we had a strong and ready national defense...

And yean, Wed. probably is the "real" day but of course we celebrate so many holidays on Monday to get that three day weekend...

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