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How many have this disorder?

Tony Cartmill

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Only to this board for me also, Missy. Other than that, I'm low-tech. When I first learned the computer and got internet access, it was like a new toy. Especially here. I was on all hours of the night. Then my life intervened.

School got more complicated in some areas, especially because of my old boss, and that "saved" me a bit from becoming addicted.

I love the internet for the ways in which I can utilize it to learn and connect with people, but there are so many scary things connected with it, that this is the only place I truly feel internet-safe.

I do miss the Chat room. No one goes in anymore and the times I have, I've been ABM. And that's no fun.

As for other technology, digital palm assistants, blackberries, texting, even cell phones, forget it. No blackberries for me--only *Raspberries*! Technology has cut into human privacy so much but so few people realize it. I LOVE driving in the car to work on a Spring morning and just enjoying the scenery and music on the car radio, be it classic rock or classical, without having a cell ring and interrupt my serenity. People are working twice the 40 hour week responding to pagers, texting, cells and online work. No wonder people feel burned out!

One day I may learn how to set up a MySpace, but for now, I'm enjoying my life--and this board!

smile --Darlene

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This is the only board that I participate.

I agree with Darlene this is the only place I truly feel Internet-safe.

I am very private person, usually. I am surprised with how much I have shared with everyone here.

EC.com makes me feels like I am with old friends. I am just not interested in participating anywhere else

I just don't have the time unless I give my real life. haha

I do have a myspace page as well. The page is mostly for a bulletin board

for my girlfriends and I to keep up with plans.

It's fun, the only problem is remembering to keep some things private.

I do shop online a lot too, maybe I do have a problem wink

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I'll be totally honest and admit I think I had this 10 years ago, when I first got a computer. The wealth of information was just so addictive, I was looking up absolutely everything, I even spent hours on the Smithsonian website going floor by floor looking at everything. I won't say I stopped eating, but I DID eat at the computer... I also got about 4 hours sleep a night, as I lingered online half the night on ICQ with friends. I also used to sit at the computer and fold my laundry, so I wouldn't miss any ICQ messages from friends. One day I finally realized this wasn't healthy and I literally went cold turkey, turning the computer off for about 2 weeks and living in the real world. Since then I'm very careful not to let the computer be in charge of my life.

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I was on a LOT more than I am now when I was homeschooling the kids when they were younger. I was always printing off stuff for them to work on/research or participating in homeschool groups. They do their own work/research now and I just stay out of the way. <smile> Nowadays it's you all, two friends on a Christian homemaking group (we're all working on this overhaul-your-house project LOL), and my email. Life is so much simpler!

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I Google almost everything I can! But the best place I found was this. (Second only to another site where I posted stories.)

Heck, I even Google the news now. smile

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I know what you mean-I google everything!

I don't know why, but I always start out shunning everything new. I didn't even consider getting a microwave when they were "the thing" until a couple of years after everyone I knew had one. Same way with cell phones. I still hate them, but I keep one in the car for emergencies. I remained "tethered" by choice when cordless phones first showed up! And I was the same with computers. Now this PC is my encyclopedia, news outlet, stereo, mailbox and mall!

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