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Guilty Pleasures


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I have no problem admitting that Andy Williams is one of my all-time favorite male singers (just like I have no problem stating the same re: David Cassidy and Eric Carmen). "One Day of Your Life" came out in 1970 and will forever remain in my Top 10 (or 15) list of all-time fave tunes. Brings me right back to the shores of Lake Ontario (our summer cottage), which is the only place I ever heard it played on the radio.

PS: I also love Claudine Longet -- his ex-wife. I defy anyone to hear 'Hard to Say Goodbye' and not be emotionally touched. (Also in the Top 15, natch)


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I think even if a person is a fan of Metallica and Twisted Leppard (sic) ,if they were being objective, they would have to admit Andy Williams had one heck of a set of pipes. Those recordings from the 60s were pretty awesome in terms of range, tone, and execution. He was a very fine singer at his peak. I dont think he had the tone, swing , or sense of timing of a Tony Bennett but he could really deliver. My favorites: Moon River, Days of Wine and Roses.

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Kathy-speaking of guilty pleasures.For a Jewish Boy- to go public about Christmas Songs he likes-is a double-whammy of guilty pleasures and "Jewish Guilt". But I am ready to risk eternal damnation and admit I love-Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree-Brenda Lee.Dominick The Donkey-Lou Monte. Little Saint Nick by the Beach Boys,and of course Felice Navidad by Jose Feliciano.-Ira.

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Christmas music around here consists of Chet Atkins Christmas album, Glen Campbell's "That Christmas Feeling" (just love "Little Altar Boy")and a new age CD called "Winterfall" with piano & hammer dulcimer ... really enchanting. Every once in a while we pull out a Bob River's Xmas album for a giggle.

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Just re-listened to a song I love and now own;"Smokey Places"- by The Corsairs-from the early 60's.This is an unabashedly shameless "Drifters" clone (They were huge then.) Does anyone know this song? Another thing.The stereo quality is unbelievable-while in rock records as late as the 70's- (including some Raspberries stuff) the production quality varies wildly.The plot by the way IS "Me And Mrs. Jones" 60's style.-Ira.

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1) I wish there was a radio station that played all the songs posted in this thread.

2) "1900 Yesterday"??? My God, I haven't thought of that song in 35 years!

3) "People take my advise, if you love someone, don't think twice...love your baby love, sugar baby love!!" As Marvin knows...it's my fav pop song of all time.

4) Other guilty pleasures:

"Suspicion" by Terry Stafford,

"The Promise" by When in Rome,

"Are You Ready" by PG&E,

"Don't Say You Don't Remember" by Beverly Breamers,

"Please Release Me" by Enkelbert Humpmydink (sp??)

and anything by Bert Kaemphert and his Orchestra!!


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LobsterLver,"Don't Say You Don't Remember",which I really like,had the dumbest lyric I've ever heard. Although she's singing about a fading relationship-it still sounds like they had been together awhile -rather than a one night stand.Yet she sings something like "When we kiss you always call me baby,How can it be that you forgot my name".Now I gotta think even the biggest cad knows the name of someoneone he's been dating for awhile!On the other side of the ledger I think "What A Fool Believes" is lyrically one of the best pop songs ever about how two people see something differently."What A fool believes-He sees-A wise man has the courage,To reason away".Not bad-I say.-Ira.

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