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Lifes not always a Ball


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This morning I arrived into a Ward to visit a man and he was panicking and the fear in his eyes was tremendous. He thought his oxygen wasn't getting through. In fact he was only on an Airpump and it had accidentally got turned off.

As I saw his fear, (and I have spent time with him before) I grappled with what I could do/say to comfort him. His moment of fear had exhausted him and talking to me was not going to be what he wanted.

I moved into his line of vision, smiled at him, gave him the "thumbs-Up" and told him I'll keep him in my prayers and catch him later. His response was to weakly smile back and give the "Thumbs-Up" in return.

I am still reluctant to speculate on his fear; I'd rather he tell me sometime. But as I left him my mind turned to those here for whom life hasn't been a ball at times this year. I know for some of you it still is a real struggle.

Often here we tell each other that we will pray for them as I said to the man I visited. Yet I am aware that there has been times when before I have got to that some distraction (maybe an important one) interrupts my intentions.

Whether you are a "God" person or not matters not here. What I am wanting to reiterate is my unswerving belief in the importance, the power and the peace of deliberate prayer for those in need.

I just want to commit myself afresh to being better at praying for those here who I have promised to pray for, to actually taking a deliberate moment to do it, AND to believe God will reach out in His wisdom into the lives of friends prayed for.

I also need to do better at it in my job; not because that's what I'm paid to do, but because I want something more than what humans can achieve happening.

To those who have and are experiencing tough times, I truly pray that somehow, in the midst of it all something of the real Spirit of Christmas will touch your lives. pray


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Muzza, my dear friend, the power of prayer is so very powerful. I'm here to tell you that. My Dad was diagnosed with cancer in July -- has had treatments and is now almost cancer-free. A prayer group at my church prays for him every week. These people don't know him (he live in another state) but it humbles me so much to know that they care so much for him that they will lift him up in prayer to our Heavenly Father every week and ask for healing for him. I am so grateful to these people and to God that he has received the healing asked for. This is the "biggie" for him -- he has other issues to deal with, but this is huge for us. I will pray for your patient's healing and believe that God's Will will be done. You also, are always in my prayers to do the work that God has called you to do. You are a blessing! Linda


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Sometimes, just being with a person is an answer to their prayer.

People have prayed for my brother and father, both on the board and at church. Neither road for them have been easy, but they are both doing fairly well.

I agree with your committment to prayer and I will do the same. There are so many needs, and only God, in His infinite wisdom, can deal with them. Thanks for your continued prayers, and know that you bring comfort to those you have encountered.

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Muzza, Your beautiful and heartfelt post goes to show what a wonderful and loving human being you are. Agape means "brotherly love," love for one's fellow man. You truly have an abundance of it!

The Bible says (and I believe totally in it, because without it, I would feel lost) that God is a loving God who knows our hearts (which also means our intentions). He absolutely knows and reads our hearts and if we ask in our heart (as in, INTEND to pray for someone), we receive and he takes care of it. So I know he answers those prayers of our hearts.

Sometimes at night, I'll go through my long list and, lest I forget someone in need, I'll say, "God, YOU know who I intended to pray for. Please fill, as you always do, those prayers too.

And he does. I know he does.

Things get taken care of at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected ways: Just before the New York concert, I thought, "I have to send flowers tomorrow to The Highline." Then, sadly, I totally forgot. By the time I realized it, it was too late to send. I later heard that SOMEONE sent a big beautiful bouquet of red roses. God had someone take care of it because I forgot. And to thank him, I made SURE I remembered to send the roses a day ahead of time to the West Hollywood HOB.

We can't always remember to do EVERYTHING, because we're human. And God knows that better than anyone, because he created us! Take heart, Muzza, your gesture meant so much more to that man than you can possibly imagine.

And have a marvelous holiday yourself. You truly deserve it!

smile --Love, Darlene

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2007 has been a very sad year for many of those I know as well as myself. One friend can not put 2007 behind her fast enough.

We all pray for each other, pray for healing, and pray for peace where one is beyond recovery.

The ec.com board reflects the 'spirit of Christmas' - a community who consistently puts the needs of others before their own.

So many people are in the 'wrong' jobs, but Muzza, it's a delight to see that your talents are being utilized to the fullest in your calling. I'm sure you help more people than you realize.


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I'm not a religious person at all. In fact, if I were a contestant on Jeopardy and the final category was Jewish Holidays, I'd have to wager zero (seriously, I am that clueless.)

HOWEVER, I am close to 24 years sober, and if I didn't have a belief in a higher power before, I sure do now. "God could, and would, if he were sought" smile

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What a wonderful soul you have, my friend, Muzza! God is using you in a powerful way!

Working in a nursing home, I too get some opportunities to share through prayer. A lot of times it is to staff!

You know, a couple of years ago, one of our residents had a very strong faith. (She was actually the fiance of my father-in-law). She was suffering so with cancer, but her faith really gave her hope. The morning she passed on, she kept looking up in the corner of her room. The nurse on duty asked her why and she said that Jesus was there waiting for her! Unfortunately, I was out of the building when she passed, but came back shortly after and the nurse told me this before my husband and I walked in the room. There she lay in the bed, a smile on her face, turned to the corner, up by the ceiling, eyes wide open. What a beautiful and reassuring site that was!! She was home!

Peace and Blessings,


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