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Paul Newman R. I. P


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Whoa....what a shame. Women wanted to be with him...and men wanted to BE him.

My memory of Paul Newman is one evening almost 20 years ago in the NYC theater district. He and his wife were chatting with some members of the Guardian Angels in the most unassuming manner right on 46th Street. He seemed like a very down-to-earth fellow....and yes his eyes were very blue. R.I.P.


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Very sad news, but a life so well led.

Indeed, a *Star* and, yes, by all accounts one of the "Good Guys".

Mrs. K is in shock. He will always be her Favorite. (Though she drew the line at "The Road to Perdition" -- one of the few disagreements of our 26 years together.)

And leave it to BHPat to invoke "Slapshot", what a fun movie.

Paul Newman's passing means time is truly marching on; sometimes faster than I'd like.

It leaves an empty feeling.

RIP, Paul Newman.

"Keith" Indifferent

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I met him at Lime Rock when I first got married. Herman's brother's son was on the pit crew of his racing team and he was so down to earth and a truly fantastic guy.

I'm afraid I couldn't get much else out except "Hi" and "I love your work," because he was truly mindshocking. Those eyes and that smile stopped me dead in my tracks. I have a picture of myself posing with his race car. So cool.

He was truly a great actor, a master of his craft. He and Joanne shared a great great love--she must be devastated. They both love humanity as well and their lives didn't go untouched by tragedy with son Scott Newman. Paul's sense of humor trumped everyone's--my nephew Jason said those eyes would dance and he'd come out with a real zinger.

I was SO very fortunate to have met him and been in the presence of greatness. The other time (besides Eric and Raspberries, speaking of greatness) was meeting and having a great conversation with actor Robert Wagner, who knew Paul and also was into racing. They don't make 'em like those two anymore.

frown --Darlene

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Paul Newman was an actor and a humanitarian. He donated over $250 million dollars from his Paul Newman foods to charity. He also runs a camp for terminally ill kids. And on top of that a top notch actor and director. I really enjoyed him over the years in Cool Hand Luke, Butch Cassidy, The Sting and the list goes on! Paul thanks for all the great movies and contributions to make this a better place because of your efforts. You will be sorely missed.


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One of my mother's "crushes." She heard the news and looked at me and said that all of her "loves" are gone...Robert Stack, Paul Newman and my Daddy. I reminded her about Sean Connery, that he is still alive...she replied, "He'd be a one night stand!" and she grinned and started to giggle. I guess at 81, you can say and do anything you want.

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what's sad is what i just read from robert redford..if you have a chance,go to the news and see what he said about paul and their "plans"..

They were planning to star in a movie adaptation of Bill Bryson's "A Walk in the Woods" (great book, by the way). They would have been perfect in it. If that movie is ever made, I won't be able to see it without thinking of those two gallant men.


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