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All Time Best Musical Questions ...

Keith Nivan

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I wasn't left with alot to work with, so I had to do some digging.

Have to start off with Couldn't I Just Tell You by Todd Rundgren. Was this the song he did after hearing Raspberries in the studio?

Lenny Kravitz could do a compilation albums that would fit. Are You Gonna Go My Way, plus 6 others. more-

What Goes On- Beatles

Can You See Me- Jimi Hendrix

Where's The Party- Eddie Money

Would- Alice In Chains

Do You Recall- Journey

Can't You Feel It- Johnny Winter

Ain't It The Life- Foo Fighters

Are You Gonna Be My Girl- Jet

What Do You Know- Matthew Sweet

Does She Talk- Matthew Sweet

Why Go- Pearl Jam

Where Have We Gone- Loudmouth

How Many More Times- Led Zeppelin

Can I Take My Gun To Heaven- Cracker

Was I Right Or Wrong- Lynyrd Skynyrd

Why Do We Bother- Faith No More

Do You Read Me- Rory Gallagher

Who's That Comin'- Rory Gallagher

Who Needs You- Queen

In the movie Revenge Of The Nerds, the Tri Lambs and Omega Moos were partying to a song called Are You Ready For The Sex Girls. I dont know the artist on that one, sorry.

Let me finish by saying, Don't Ask Me No Questions. -Lynyrd Skynyrd

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It was singer Peter McCann who is a Connecticut native. Peter also wrote "Right Time Of The Night" for singer Jennifer Warnes which was also the 45 flip side. The song "Do You Wanna Make Love" (20th Century) went to # 5 (Hot 100) & # 22 (AC Charts) back in August of 1977 & a gold record. That was his only hit known as those "One Hit Wonders". Matt

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Hey, Matt, thanks! You're right on the ball! I LOVED The Spinners, and some of the music of other groups as well:

Could It Be I'm Falling In Love?

We're On The Right Track Now

Then Came You

Where Do We Go From Here? (Another great musical


I have to go think about the others...

smile --Darlene

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I'm remembering some of them now, and I'll bet Matt Clark can give me all the background on every one!

Mighty Love by The Spinners and

my favorite,

One of A Kind Love Affair (LOVED IT--still do!)

Then there were The Commodores with

Still and

Three Times a Lady (which I also adored)

and The Stylistics:

You Make Me Feel Brand New and

You Are Everything

and there must have been a gazillion more of those I loved.

Anyone else go through that phase too?

smile --Darlene

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That was funny, John. smile Actually, I used to think the lead was a girl also. So high!

Their songs could just tear your heart up. I loved them. My fave is still One of A Kind Love Affair. Reminds me of someone. smile Whenever I hear it on the radio, it makes me smile. Isn't it interesting how a song can bring you right back to the place and all the emotions just flow right back into you? If you close your eyes, you're THERE.

smile --D

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Thanks, Kirk! We must have the same musical taste (obviously, if we're HERE!) because I LOVED that one, too. Just had a "senior moment" and forgot that one. Those songs glorified love and lovers, and that's *so* missing these days. That's what I loved about EC and Razz songs--they were never just "hot" songs to me, there was SO much more to them all.

I am reminded of that right now, as I'm listening to the VH1-Classic recording of the slow version of IWBWY. This is my favorite thing they've ever done, now. I just can't get enough of it. I could listen to it forever.

Beautiful, beautiful. Such a "loving" song. It *so* deserves to be released. Ahhh.

smile --Darlene

PS Why does "Devil" also come to mind?...

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Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart - Bob B Soxx & Blue Jeans

Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Heart (different song, same title) - Hall & Oates

Why Me? - Irene Cara

How Come You Treat Me So Bad - Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes

Why - Frankie Avalon

What About Love - Heart

Why (same title; different song) - Annie Lennox

If You Let Me Make Love to You, Then Why Can't I Touch You - Ronnie Dyson

Why Can't This Be Love - Van Hagar

Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses - U2

Who's in the Strawberry Patch With Sally - Tony Orlando & Yawn

Who's Johnny - El Debarge

Do You Think I'm Disco - Steve Dahl & Teenage Radiation

Do You Wanna Touch Me - Joan Jett

Who's Making Love - Johnny Taylor

Who's That Girl - Madonna

Who's That Knocking - Genies

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf - Nursery Rhyme

Where, oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone - ???

Why Don't We Live Together - Barry Manilow

What's the Matter Baby - Timi Yuro/Ellen Foley

Do You Want to Know a Secret - Beatles

What's on Your Mind - Information Society

What's the Frequency Kenneth - REM

Whatcha Gonna Do - Pablo Cruise

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted - Jimmy Ruffin/Paul Young

What Do All the People Know - Monroes

What is Love - Haddaway (head bopping from SNL optional)

What Kind of Fool Am I? - Sammy Davis Jr./Robert Goulet

What Time is It? - Jive Five/Marshall Crenshaw

Where Do the Children Go - Hooters

Where Do the Children Play - Cat Stevens

How Long - Ace

What Have I Done to Deserve This - Pet Shop Boys w/Dusty Springfield

How Do You Do It - Gerry & the Pacemakers

How Do You Talk to an Angel - Heights

How Will I Know - Whitney Houston

Can I Get a Witness - Marvin Gaye

Can't You See That She's Mine - DC5

Can We Still Be Friends - Todd Rundgren

Won't You Come Home Bill Bailey - various artists

Ain't She Sweet - Beatles had a cover; don't know the original artist

Ask Me Why - Beatles

Are You Experienced - Jimi Hendrix

Have I the Right - Honeycombs

Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman - Bryan Adams

Have You Heard - Duprees

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Great job, scentlady......although you mentioned a few we had already, you did happen to come up with quite a few we didn't have......welcome to the board, by the way.....you're joining a great crowd.....

Went to the well and dug up a couple of more:

"Watcha Gonna Do?"- Pablo Cruise

"Anyone For Tennis?"- Cream

"Why Does Love Have to be So Sad?"- Derek and the Dominos

"What's Become of the Broken Hearted?"- Four Tops

"Como Tu Te Llama?"- Sly Fox

"What's the Matter Here?" - 10,000 Maniacs

"What Do We Really Know?" - Mike McGear

"Should I Smoke?"- Badfinger

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