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Those New Years Resolutions


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Do you have any for 2008? And more to the point..... can you actually stick with them and live with them for more than a month?

My resolution is just to try and be the best friend I can be - I know I'll never bother to lose weight so that's out the window lol....

Oh and a very good resolution is I'm gonna try my damnest to attend all Raspberries shows for 2008 and see all my Berry friends and continue to have the time of my life for as long as it lasts.....

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I will have the "Idiot" tattoo removed from my forehead

This year I want to learn to say

"Can I get back to you on that", or "Let me check my calendar".

It's the same thing I said I was going to change last year, I always say "sure no problem" or "I'd love to" when I am asked to the favors for anyone and everyone.

I would never dream to impose on others like they impose on me.

I am tired of trying to explain to my family why I let this happen .

No more pet sitting my neighbors 4 big dogs that knocked me in the pool.

When we board our pets.

Or taking other peoples kids to get their hair cut or the Doctor because they behave for me.

I resolve there IS a differece between being nice and letting people take advantage of me

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Things I'd like to do in 2008...

Make better use of my treadmill...(Currently, Lewisa puts my dinner on it, I turn it on and my food comes right over to me)

Personally choke Cartmill

Apologize to Marlene...(At the WAB, she lifted up my grass skirt, took a look and started gasping for air...I didnt know that she was allergic to "nuts")

Help MJ and LC come up with more letters for their names

Make Darlene say something negative

Attempt to personally deport Gina and have her "negotiate" with me to stay

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I'e spent my whole life taking care of others which I love to do and am told I do well. The problem appears to be that it's precluded me from ever learning to take care of myself. I need to learn to be less perfectionistic, less harsh and demanding on myself, and learn to achieve better balance and self-care. I'm not sure I have enough New Years left to achieve this haha but I'm going to take up the challenge to learn as much as I can! happy

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Lew, you forgot to say, "Make an honest woman of Dianed." :-) (Only kidding, Diane!)

If you dress up as Little Bo-Peep, I may even say something negative!

My resolution is to actually work out as well as count calories and get in shape. And forget my old boss completely, if that's possible...

smile --D

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I'm going to continue with my healthy lifestyle--continuing to exercise, eat healthy, drink more water and less pop. I will add variety to my diet so I don't get bored and discouraged.

I started doing these things in 2003 and have done very well. I do sometimes slip up, but I always manage to come back and get inspired. Everyday is a new beginning!

I also want to try and keep my house cleaner. Oh, it's not bad (do you all watch Clean House and Clean Sweep??? I would NEVER end up on there) but I do have areas that could use improvement.

Best wishes on everyone's efforts in this new year!!!!


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We all slip up on the diet, Jules. The good thing is that it's ongoing and that EVERY day is a new day--a whole new start. Herman and I discarded our old pages from 2007, even though they were going well, and started new 1/1/2008. The "clean slate" did wonders for our resolve yesterday and today!

Hang in there! The results are very worth it, and don't beat yourself up. You're only human!

Every day's a new start... (with EVERYTHING! )


smile --Darlene

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Go for it Danny - Quit smoking. We quit just over a year ago (12/26/06). Think of all the nice things you could buy with that money that's just going up in smoke. Like tickets to the next Raspberries concert!

My resolution is to get rid of those pesky pounds I put on as a result of quitting though... :p

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I miss out on this stuff every year. I never have anything to improve on..


Ahaaaa.. James in this country we have a beer brand called Tui and they have a range of billboards which have different comments then the added , "Yeah Right". I think your claim might earn that response laughinsane

Muzza cool

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