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The chat room.....


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I'd go in there, since I got my go ahead, but I'm afraid no one would be there!

It's just like my old times at... You wouldn't need to know about the forum.

All by myself...Don't wanna be...

And I trip over people's responses anyway. Terribly mess.

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Yes Jay I feel the need to use more "boings" in my sound effects..... They need to have one of you jumping up on the table lol.

Bernie - you going to attend this evening?

I tell you what guys - even though I can type about 100 wpm what gets me is the constant scrolling - I have to wear my really attractive glasses when I log on so that I don't get an eye tick lol. However, that would be very funny at a show - me winking at certain people all evening lol.

Oh - and here's a thought - we need to decide the theme for WAB 6 - bring your thoughts in about that if you drop in this evening. I've been pondering all day.

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Umm... I learned how to type much more quickly by writing fanfiction for a series I'm not going to explain, but there is hope! My first class in typong was at age 31.

Now that I'm almost 49, it's more a matter of keeping the kwyboard ventered, the cat off of the desk, and getting some new glasses!

And yes, it's okay to look at the keys. Never mind what those nasty typing teachers say. I know a man my age who is still a two finger typist, and he does okay.

And I constantly looked at the piano keys, too, because I can't seem to get subconscious "finger memory".

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