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Grandpa Munster is Dead!

The NH Bushman

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Al Lewis played Grandpa Munster on the TV series "The Munsters", he appeared in the TV series "Car 54, Where Are You?"

Note: There is some substantial amount of debate as to the true year of birth for Al Lewis. Some sources say 1910, some say 1923. According to an interview with his family members, the 1910 date is a "story" and the real date is 1923, which is apparently backed up by official paperwork (hat tip to the site "Who's Alive and Who's Dead").

He was 82, not 95 as most websites state.

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Al Lewis as Schnauzer on Car 54 is very good stuff.Phil,I went to a small Jewish High School.Our basketball coach-Bernie Kerzner-came to our school after his public school job. (Our school day was longer due to Jewish Studies AND English subjects and he moonlighted.)Bernie's main job was coaching Erasmus Hall High School-a basketball powerhouse and Barbra Streisand's alma mater.Bernie arranged to have an exhibition game played at my high school between Erasmus and Power Memorial.To this day I remember sitting in this tiny gym and seeing Lew Alcindor from the 1st row and marveling at his size and skill.-Ira.

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