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Most hated song(s)?


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I'd listen to them all if we could forever destroy Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman" and "You got it". You know "Anything you want, any thing you need, anything at all, baby, you got it" (AHHHH!!!!)

YUCK. Just thinking about it is making my ears bleed. Time to go get some q-tips.

(Although I agree with Tony about Edie Brickell - that slut went and married Paul Simon out from under me, and I've hated her ever since!)


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Yes, Dust in the Wind is very depressing but the melody is great. Greg, I can see where you'd think some of Kansas' songs are "overblown" but as Marvin suggests, the composing of many of their songs is often complex. I think most of their songs are energizing, powerful, and lyrically thought-provoking (rare these days).


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Looking at "Carry On Wayward..." from a musician's point of view, it is really difficult song to play. We tried it out a number of times and although we did alright with the vocals, we could never get the intrumentation just right.


I too loved Kansas and Carry on My wayward son.I must say I had the B-3 solo down on that one.Although we never did that well with the vox.as a keyboard player I loved all progressive bands that wrote complex stuff but still cared enough about the listener to have good melody.I also played smokin in a band and as a keyboardist who could ask for a better song to play.Once again the vox killed our very good musicianship.Later stu
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(1) "Put the Bone in" by Terry Jacks.....perhaps the lamest of the lame....

(2) "Justify My Love" by Madonna....an annoying piece of work.

(3) "Any Way You Want it" by Journey.....the song itself is bad enough, but the fact the so-called "rock" stations in the 70s would play this--but at the same time bypass some mature Beach Boy tunes is a gross double-standard.....

(4)"18 and Life"- Skid Row

(5)"She"-- Kiss

(6)"Rico Suave" by Gerardo

(7)Anything by Ambrosia after the second album.

(8)"How Deep is Your Love"......I still think this is the most overrated song of all time, along with "Unchained Melody" and "With or Without You".....and yes, believe it or not, I do like "Tragedy", though....

(9)"In My Time of Dying"--Led Zeppelin....the only dud track from the otherwise brilliant "Physical Graffiti" album.

(10)"Everything's Broken"- Bob Dylan.....good arrangements but a really stupid song.

(11)"Calling Elvis"-Dire Straits. ("Is anybody home" has to be one of the stupidest likes out there....)

(12)"Temporary Secretary"-- Paul McCartney

(13)"Darling Nikki"--Prince....absoulte crap here.

(14)"The Main Event"--Barbra Streisand.....a forced copy of Cher doing a bad imitation of Donna Summer.....

There are a few others, but they escape me at the moment.....

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