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Most hated song(s)?


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Julia I have a collection of about 500 45's and a couple of thousand albums. We're always listening to music in our house but on weekends when we're sitting down for our meals, I only play vinyl. My children are very young but they have an appreciation for vinyl that I am certain most other children their ages do not have.


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That's pretty cool, marvin. My son is older (29), so he was around while vinyl was still in limited use, and he's got some lp's of his own, some by Michael Jackson, Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, etc (what can I say, he was a metal type adolescent). I still have a working phonograph, too, and I play my records once in a while, usually when I have a quiet night at home by myself, I'll sit in a candlelit room with a nice glass of wine and listen to them. It's very relaxing spin

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I put a lot of $$$ into my phonograph, stylus, and audio system so I enjoy playing records. This evening during supper, I put on the

"American Graffit" soundtrack. Great record! Since I've transfered a lot of my vinyl to cd, my children actually have a good time playing the 'find the album and cd with the same cover' game.


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Well, DUH, marvin, of course he'd say that, she made him a lot of money, would you expect him to publicly say "Thanks for making me the bucks, but personally, I think you stink"? Even an animal knows not to bite the hand that feeds it, and no recording artist who has gotten royalties from a cover is going to publicly badmouth the person who covered it. Not to mention it's also good form not to burn your bridges... Celine is popular (don't ask me why, I prefer the sound of fingernails down a blackboard), and who knows what doors she could open for Eric one day. Like most businesses, the music industry sometimes supports the "one hand washes the other" theory. Hell, if I were Eric, I'd probably be asking the Olsen twins if they wanted to do a cover.

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My, my,my,...Celine Dion is taking a beating here ...Julia...if you dislike her so much why do youkeep bringing it up?...sometimes THAT type of reaction reveals your TRUE and hidden admiration , glorification, idolization and all the other ations put together...

Me thinks you have a crush on her...reminds me of Marvin's on going hate-affair with "WD"...LOL..

..I am such a cynic(Sp?)....

AS for Cartmill and the Olssen twins....for cripes sake Cartman!!! Puhleez....they're young enough to be babysitters.


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Pierson I'm curious as to whether it's just a question of personal taste why you hate:

1. "Love Is A Battlefield"

I'm not a fan of Pat, but none of her songs are "bad" like this one. It's overwrought, and it has that awful '80s production and it's insufferable. And it had one of the worst videos ever...

2. "Cover Me"

From the same guy who wrote "Growin' Up" and "Born To Run" this is an inexcusable excercise in banality and it's very boring, musically speaking, especially for someone whose melodies and rock sense were so sharp...

3. "Seperate Ways"

I'm not a Journey fan. But I do know a "good" Journey song (i.e. "Lovin Touchin Squeezin'--still pretty bad in the lyric dept, but OK musically/melody speaking) from a bad one. "Seperate Ways" isn't so bad lyrically as it's just classic overwrought corporate rock at its worst... and his vocals are overbearing...

4. "All She Wants To Do Is Dance"

Awful '80s production. Cheesey lyrics. Bad vocals. And this is from the guy who gave us "Desperado."

5. "Best of Times"


6. "You've Made Me So Very Happy"

Even though I'm a fan of a lot of corny '60s pop songs (i.e. Cowsills, Association, Tommy Roe etc.) this is where I draw a certain line. It's just too corny and it has a lot to do with the way David Clayton Thomas sings. Unlike Tom Jones, this lacks something that makes it tolerable.

7. "Everything I Do I Do It For You" Bryan

The title says it all... Does he mean when he goes to the bathroom as well?

8. "When A Man Loves A Woman"

Plodding... and just overrated

9. "Fernando" Abba,

I really like and love a lot of Abba's stuff (i.e. "Waterloo," "Knowing Me Knowing You," "Name Of The Game," and "SOS")... I always hated this song and still do.... It's corny and stilted.. or stiff sounding..

10. "You Can Call Me Al"

this from the guy who gave us "Bookends" i guess it's tolerable to those who like a novelty single... I'll take "Kodachrome" or "Me & Julio" anyday.... it's just dreadful

11. "When It's Love" Van Halen

this is way too cookie cutter for a band who was better than average... Banal... and of course Sammy Hagar is singing

12. "3am" Matchbox 20

One of the worst lead vocal takes.... it's the over-ennunciating syndrome... Rob Thomas has improved quite a bit since.... but this is terrible... much like early Eddie Vedder...



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I don't want to confuse anyone, the previous post was my reply to Marvin's... it doesn't quite look like it when you read it. All the replies after the song titles are mine.

p.s. If anyone likes Clint Holmes, my apologies. "Playground In My Mind" is still very cringe inducing.



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