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Most hated song(s)?


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There was a NBC live-action Saturday morning show called "Run, Joe, Run" which aired on September 7, 1974 till September 4, 1976 about a German shepherd undergoing training for the Army K-9 Corps. Back in the fall of 1975, a song called "Run Joey Run" by singer David Geddes went to # 4 (Hot 100) back in October 4, 1975. The song goes: "Daddy please don't, it wasn't his fault he means so much to me, daddy please don't we're going to get married, just you wait & see". I thought the song was going to be the show about the dog but not. David had one more song called "The Last Game Of The Season" (A Blind Man In The Bleachers) which hit # 18 (Hot 100) & # 42 (AC Charts) back in December of 1975. Maybe the worst song of the 70's decade! Matt

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in 1998 i published a list of what i thought were the 100 worst songs in my magazine, "Yeah Yeah Yeah." Bernie's list sorta reflects the correct mood...

Still I'm surprised no one has mentioned what truly is the worst song ever: Starship's "We Built This City" which is a hands-down winner mainly because it's so unbelieably cheesey (Lyrics are as godawful as it gets--and Bernie Taupin lent a hand). And Starship were once a credible band. Most of what I included were either major letdowns by credible artists (i.e. Dylan, Mick Jagger, Don Henley, Van Halen) or just annoying songs.

Other big winners/losers:

"Final Countdown" Europe, "Everything Is Beautiful" Ray Stevens, "Tom Saywer" Rush, "Only Wanna Be With You" Hootie & Blowfish, "Spoon Man" Soundgarden, "We Don't Need Another Hero" Tina Turner, "Feelings" Morris Albert, "Love Is A Battlefield" Pat Benetar, "Danger Zone" Kenny Loggins, "Eye Of The Tiger" Survivor, "Cover Me," Bruce Springsteen, "Seperate Ways" Journey, "I'll Be There For You" Bon Jovi, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" Poison," "All She Wants To Do Is Dance" Don Henley, "The Heat Is On" Glenn Frey, "Let's Work" Mick Jagger, "Sunglasses At Night" Corey Hart, "If I Had A HAmmer" Peter Paul & Mary, "Flesh For Fantasy" Billy Idol, "St Elmo's Fire" Johnny Parr, "Caribbean Queen" Billy Ocean, "Best of Times" Styx, "Melody Of Love" Bobby Vinton, "Big Girls Don't Cry" Frankie Valli, "Who's Zoomin Who" Aretha Franklin, "You've Made Me So Very Happy" Blood Sweat & Tears, "Pretending" Eric Clapton, "Everything I Do I Do It For You" Bryan Adams, "All For Love" Sting Bryan Adamas & Rod Stewart, "When A Man Loves A Woman" by everyone, "Playground Of My Mind" Clint Holmes, "In The Navy" Village People, "Can't Smile Without You" Barry Manilow, "Lay Lady Lay" Bob Dylan, "Kokomo" Beach Boys, "Material Girl" Madonna, "Fernando" Abba, "You Can Call Me Al" Paul Simon, "Gloria" Laura Branigan, "5th Of Beethoven" Walter Murphy, "The Warrior" Scandal, "Sometimes When We Touch" Dan Hill, "She Works Hard For The Money" Donna Summer, "When It's Love" Van Halen, "Another One Bites The Dust" Queen, "Another Brick In The Wall" Pink Floyd, "Native New Yorker" Odyssey, "United We Stand" Brotherhood Of Man, "The Stroke" Billy Squier, "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" Neil Diamond, "It's Impossible" Perry Como, "Far From Over" Frank Stallone, "Batdance" Prince, "3am" Matchbox 20, "Convoy" CW McCall, "Sing" Carpenters....

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Wow, Pierson! I enjoyed reading through your list, but I have to admit I like a lot of those songs! On the other hand, I,too, hate You Can Call Me Al, Love is a Battlefield, Who's Zoomin' Who, Cover Me, Danger Zone, Everything I Do I Do it For You, and Kokomo (I was thinking of adding that one to my own list). That's not to say I like every other song on your list, but these in particular make me wince.

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I agree with about 70% of that list. But some of those songs overcome the somewhat cringe inducing lyrics with great melody and production.

I don't have a problem with "Native New Yorker", "The Best Of Times" "You Can Call Me AL" "Fernando" "St. Elmo's Fire" "Kokomo" "Material Girl" "Playground Of My Mind" or "Another Brick In The Wall"

The rest can be flushed down the toilet like a bad case of food poisoning.

"Danger Zone" is definitely Kenny Loggin's worst. Good thing he didn't write it.

Still, if you really want to puke it up good, just sing the lyrics to Edie Brickel's "What I Am" again. I think it is the official mood song for WWW.BULIMIA.COM crazy

Those lyrics are so deep, they really stick in your gut...just before you hurl. (rimshot)

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Pierson I'm curious as to whether it's just a question of personal taste why you hate:

1. "Love Is A Battlefield"

2. "Cover Me"

3. "Seperate Ways"

4. "All She Wants To Do Is Dance"

5. "Best of Times"

6. "You've Made Me So Very Happy"

7. "Everything I Do I Do It For You" Bryan

8. "When A Man Loves A Woman"

9. "Fernando" Abba,

10. "You Can Call Me Al"

11. "When It's Love" Van Halen,

12. "3am" Matchbox 20



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It is bad enough to have to listen to a song on the radio, but to run across one of his videos on VH 1 classic.......yuckie.....eweeeeeie

I remember this song that I did not like. Here are some lyrics.

I'm not Lisa(whining,whining)My name is Julie

(whining,whining)Lisa left you(more whining)

years ago(whining,whining.....and more whining)

Gee......I wonder why I don't like this song

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I just thought of another song that I don't like and actually I heard it today on the radio. It's too bad that I don't like this song because it is a great song by a great band, just reminds me of this creepy guy that I knew at the time. I was working in a very small pizza place and there was a delivery guy that was creepy. He would always hang around me,and ask me lots of questions. There was a little radio up on the shelf and at least twice an hour they would play CRAZY ON YOU by HEART. Just reminds me of creepy Howie.

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Marvin, I like the song" Playground In My Mind",

By Clint Holmes

You know when I was young, I wish I had a nickel,

I had a friend, his name is Micheal.

I had to cross a playground to get to his place.

Actually it was all three, a school field, a soccer field, just like the playground in my mind.

We went to buy some candy, with more than just a nickel, or was it, a five-finger discount?

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