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Most hated song(s)?


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It'll take some time for me to compile a list of my 'hated' songs that consists of something more than "She Remembered", but in the meantime, there were some songs on the other 'hated' lists that I actually like:

1. The Lion Sleeps Tonight

2. Crimson & Clover

3. Brown-Eyed Girl

4. California Dreamin'

5. Come on Eileen

6. Tragedy

Sorry about that.


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My All-Time Most Hated Song Is:

Say You, Say Me.......Lionel Ritchie

Should be called, "Gag You, Gag Me". I majored in English in college as did my best friend. We have studied great works of literature and still, neither one of us could understand what the heck this song was trying to say!!



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Gord, "Tragedy" by the BeeGees is a decent composition. But by that time, even the true BeeGees fans like me had had enough with the screeching falsetto vocals. "Tragedy" was the last straw for me. The Gibb Bros. turned up that falsetto a couple of notes higher and notches louder on that song. The neighborhood dogs were barking. Kitchen glasses and windows were shattering...It was just falsetto overkill. Soon after that the BeeGees had to go into hiding and write great songs for other artist for 6-7 years (Streisand, Warwick, Rogers, Parton, A. Gibb...), till they made a really good comeback CD in 1986...with much less falsetto.

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The song I hate most in the world is Van Morrison's "TB sheets." Absolutely disgusting.

I hope everyone in the world forgot it ever existed, (until I brought it up).I liked "Brown Eyed Girl" though. Of course, I was young and stupid then. haha.

I agree with Feelings--ugh. Also in the same boat, "Traces." I hate "Hot Pants" by James Brown. Like, there's nothing going on except him yelling in a drug induced haze every once in a while.

Some of your lists are fantastic. Bernie, The Macarena sounds pretty good if you're very drunk and you're trying to do it very fast.

smile --Darlene

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I'm sure I could come up with quite the long list if I really thought about it, but right off the bat, Melanie's "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates", Maria Muldar's "Midnight at the oasis", ANY version of "Lean on me", and Sinead O'Connor's "Nothing Compares 2 U"... also any rap, and anything by Celine Dion... and other than Macarthur Park, I agree with Bernie's list

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When "Midnight At the Oasis" first came out in 1973 (or whatever year it was), I hated the song. Now over the years I grown to appreciate the smooth jazziness and effortless playing of the musicians. And as far as "Brand New Key" goes, check out Deanna Carter's version. Very nicely done - even if you hate the song.


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