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Bye Bye C.C........


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I don't know if it's final, but the main returnee is Matt LaPorta, power hitting 1b-of. These early deals seem to be Shapiro's style, this is how the Colon for C Lee, Grady and B Phillips happened also. I think if you wait too long and Milw. sends LaPorta somewhere else, then you have less bargaining power with the remaining teams and end up with less. Hate to see CC go, but hard to feel bad for someone who said no to 72 mill.

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While I'm sad to see CC go, The Indians did what they had to do. They made him a very generous offer before the season, which would of made him the highest paid Indian player ever. Hopefully this trade will have similar results to the Colon deal. Laporta sures looks good right now & Shapiro said what made the deal work was the player to be named later. They will have a choice of two players & have until the end of the season to choose.

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Speaking of C C... in a related story he has told the Brewers that he no longer wants initials in his name... so it's "So long, C. C.; hello C C."

It looks like a good deal for both teams... the Brewers were determined to get their pitcher sooner than the deadline and had the Indians not done it, the Brewers deal for someone else, A J Burnett maybe... and as the deadline nears, teams don't pay up and you're stuck with noting but your veteran for another 2 months...

C C certainly bolsters that Brewer staff... now, if they could get someone to finish the games they'd be tough... laugh

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