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A treat for Muzza and Kiwi in Chicago!

Tim From Wisconsin

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Maybe there needs to be an explanation here. Kiwi and Muzza told me they were coming a couple of months ago. They are part of my family. The first time they came to visit they wanted to meet me (a board member.) This time they're coming to see my family. I have pictures I could post that I cherish from that first visit and they aren't just the pictures from the get-together. They're pictures of Marilyn cradling my granddaughter (the one that few people will touch due to her spina bifida) and talking to her while Muzza held my brand new grandson. They grabbed my laptop and showed my boys some NZ lizard and told stories until they laughed their heads off. They stayed with my daughter's family and sat in her kitchen with them offering to help instead of staying 'in the guest room'. The minute we heard they were coming my whole family, EVERYONE, got excited because we were all going to be together again. Is it any wonder that they've asked me to pull together the plans that they wanted? I've been arranging several other things per their request and what I haven't been able to handle my husband and children have stepped up to do. The get-together was only one facet of what's been coming into place at our end.

These plans were never meant to hurt anyone or leave anyone out. They were meant to help Marilyn and Murray achieve the things that meant the most to them. It would never be my intention to slight anyone on the board but you need to understand that from my perspective I'm just trying to take care of my "family" while still being considerate to my friends. I've offered every option I could think of including opening my home and I've done it with joy and with hospitality hoping that the greatest number of friends would be considered. But my primary goal is to see that Marilyn and Murray have the experiences that they've been dreaming of and that requires scheduling. I hope this will clear up any misunderstandings and make it known that I've done everything I can for my friends, ALL FRIENDS, on the board.

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Was great to see everyone from the Illinois branch of the Muzza and Kiwi fan club! Hope all had as nice a time as I did. I'm sure they will fill in the details later. I have to run to a sports banquet. Muzza and Kiwi hit Nashville next on their US tour. All I can say is what great people they are and I truly hope everyone gets a chance to meet them!

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Yahooooo... we are finally in. Discovered the password is case sensitive and got it sorted.

Yes, we did indeed have a great day with the Chicago folks. As with everywhere else folks here have been so welcoming and generous.

Kathy Lee and her family have been just great and have made our stay a memorable time.

Muzza and Kiwi

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