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Chicago "reminiscence" chat


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...and, hopefully, just plain fun in the ol' chat room!

Monday will already be the second anniversary of the 'Berries' show in Chicago. So how about it? Let's meet at 9p CT in the chat room. I can't stay as late as I would like and as I know many do...but we can still play for a little while.

So many of us met that evening, even if it was just long enough to put a face with a name...well, let's get together again!

Monday, January 15

starting at 9p CT

the ec.com chat room

Let's chat about the fun we had in Chicago and the other shows in '05...anticipate the arrival of the Limited Edition sets...and maybe even daydream about shows that we hope will happen someday!


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Hey all - Susana sent a text message to me to say that she probably won't be in the chatroom tonight, but hopes the rest of you can make it and have a lot of fun.

Susana has been in a power outage since 11:00 p.m. on Friday. Her house is really cold! She's staying with a relative who has a wood stove. Her office has a generator going, but no internet - could be that the ISP is down also. City Utilities can't project when power will be restored to the Queen City. Even the trees are moaning. This is reminiscent of 12/25/87 when I lived there and was without power until 6:00 p.m. on 12/31/87. Anyone with wise words to pass on to her? I'll be happy to relay by text.

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I've been thinking about the Chicago show all day. I can't even believe the events of that night actually occurred. Too many good things to even list. One of the most incredible nights of my life. What a show/night that was!!!

Susana- thanks again for taking the pic of Dave and I together.

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