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So, My Daughter Got In A Cab......


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On Saturday night, my 22 year old daughter went into Wrigleyville to celebrate a friend's birthday. Another person who was from out of town called her cell phone, as she was lost. My Daughter Terry told her, "I will jump in a cab and be at your hotel in ten minutes, sit tight".

Terry got in the cab and the driver, who appeared to be from another country, kept hitting on her and telling her how beautiful she was. While all this was going on, he got into a shouting match with another driver in the bumper to bumper traffic. The cabbie started shouting racial slurs at the other driver and the other driver boxed him in, then got out of his car and challenged the cab driver to fight!

The cab driver reached down below his seat and pulled out a nine millimeter and pointed it at the challenger! My daughter, startled, kicked open the back door and ran as fast as she could to safety and got a cop from one of the local bars there to handle the situation.

She says to me, "dad, I never paid the fair....do you think I should mail it to them?"

Ye-ahhhhh, that'll happen!

Hug your kids whenever you can, my friends, no matter how old they are.

Let me exhale now............

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I'm so sorry she had to experience this but glad to hear that she's ok, Pat!

When I was 15 I was molested in the middle of the street during rush hour --- everyone sat there and watched. When John was 17 he had a shotgun pointed in his face on a train platform. Our older kids have been very careful when taking our younger kids out (our second oldest carries a knife and has had to pull it out on more than one occasion to protect himself --- and a screwdriver once when threatened by a drug dealer!) Welcome to the dangerous side of growing up in Chicago. arrgh

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Yikes !! What a horrible ordeal !! Your daughter is one smart cookie. She made the right decision to run from the cab and find a cop. She was lucky she had the chance to run and a place to run to.

There used to be a time where it was safe to ride in cabs, buses and trains. No so anymore!

Nowadays it’s bad enough that some of the commuters are sleazebags, but some of those sleazebags are driving those cabs and buses. The world is a very scary place !!

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Ah... it's so good to live in a country where guns are banned. We just have people stabbing each other instead!!!! eek

We also have communication difficulties with Taxi drivers (we don't do Cab here smart:P ) from other countries.

I agree what has been said about your daughter Pat... a very sensible action she took. I'm intrigued to think that going to a bar was a good place to find a cop though. Hope he was sober!!! laugh

Muzza cool

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