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Joan Jett to play....

Braves fan

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I like 'em both and I've seen 'em both but Pat Benetar is a little better. She's a spitfire!

I saw Saga open up for Benetar & Joan Jett open

for Loverboy -- both back in the 80's.

Picture of Joan Jett w/ a few members of the local Atlanta live rock karaoke band Metalsome

at this link:


Have to say it's a pretty good adrenaline pump to perform w/ a live band on stage and they have over 200 songs to pick from.

Sometimes I've seen a couple of the members of Skid Row pop in on a gig --- and I understand that if you happen to be up to sing one of Skid Row's tunes at that time they will play it w/ you and the band. ( I never sing Skid Row w/ them ---

usually Whitesnake, AC/DC, Def Lep or Grand Funk. )

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For whatever it's worth...she has the infamous 'Bob Dylan Clause' in her contract rider...I know because the radio station I worked for 8 years ago hired her for a festival.

No one is allowed to look at her for an hour before the show, nor on the walk from the private dressing room to the stage entrance area.

I'm NOT kidding. I'd rather see Pat.

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Raspyrock....oooh, I love me some Whitesnake!!

Well, I've never had the chance to see either Pat or Joan, and it may be the only chance I get. I really dug her in the 80's.

I did love Pat w/Martina McBride on Crossroad (CMT) she has this power house voice that is awesome!! I'd go see her live in a heartbeat!


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I love the Whitesnake stuff -- no doubt. When I sing w/ the Metalsome karaoke rock band I like to sing Here I Go Again + Slide It In .. & in the regular karaoke bars I will sing Is This Love.

When you come see the 'Berries here in Atlanta we'll have to hit a karaike bar!!

Note the optimism!!

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raspyrock, I've had the pleasure of seeing Whitesnake twice, once in Biloxi,Ms. in 1988 and then again in Little Rock, Ar. and the year eludes me, but Steve Vai had replaced Vivian Campbell. I was NOT disappointed either time.

I'm originally from Marietta raspy, and the last time I was in Atlanta was around 1986. So I would imagine I'd be as lost as a goose in a snowstorm (I can only imagine that Atlanta has "expanded")! And the Berries/Braves combo...Oh, you gotta believe it'd be hog heaven!!

Tommy, I just hope she doesn't "back out" before October. She will be the biggest act in the area in a looooong time!


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I'd love to see Whitesnake --- on my to do list.

I've been here in metro Atlanta since Fall '87.

Lived here a few times as a little boy before that. Atlanta is booming and people coming in from everywhere to live here --- other states & overseas. Always building new roads and expanding existing highways around here.

Berries/Braves combo is perfect. I'm a Braves fan too. Falcons don't do anything for me --- I'm a dyed in the wool Redskins fan ( born in DC ).

I attended SB 17 and my team won!!

But for now it's baseball season --

so -- Go Braves!!

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