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Many thanks to all of my friends here for the b-day wishes! I'm touched and very appreciative. As many have said, this is a great group of folks who "play" here at the house that Bernie built.

I spent the past week out of town with my wife and kids celebrating Thanksgiving with my folks, four sisters, brother, and nieces and nephews. The real story, though, was my big sister's milestone 50th birthday. She was born a year and three days before me (Nov. 27), and she's the one whose Raspberries records I used to "borrow," so she was a big reason I got hooked on this awesome band. Hey, when you're a kid, your big sis's record collection is a major influence!

Anyway, my big sis is a strong person and great mom and a credit to her profession (director of nursing). We threw her a nice surprise party that went very well.... It was weird to reflect on her turning 50, because you think about are all those days as kids -- family trips and long summer days and climbing on and off the school bus and sneaking down to the candy store during recess at school -- and you wonder where in God's name all the time went! "Fifty" is just a number, but it sure puts you in a reflective mood. It also makes you realize, again, how important it is to make the most out of every day, and to appreciate all those family members and friends that you care about.

So, anyway, thanks again to ya'll, and have a great holiday season!



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