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happy birthdays

chris hess

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I always feel so bad when I'm off the board and come on and find out I missed birthdays. I try to go on no matter how late it was and send a belated.

Don't worry, Chris--there are so many birthdays and how Diane does the incredible job she does keeping up with them, I don't know!

One thing I love about you, Chris, is that you're so darn appreciative and sweet to everyone here! I appreciate YOU a *LOT*!!!

smile --Love, Darlene

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Awww shucks !! You made me blush ! psych

Remember, I am not a "mind reader" (I haven't gotten up to that chapter of the book yet)...so....... please, please... if you are a "newbie" on the board and would like to have your birthday posted, please email me or private message me and give me the date.

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I had one uncle and a Dad who were June babies. They're a handful.. And WHAT is it about September anyway? I started up my three boys in the January-February timeframe. (A girl started up in August. Minutes after an apartment switch-over.))

Geminis are hard to manage, but try balancing out Libra guys. Sheesh! Don't ask me about Scorpio fellers...

But, I digress. A very happy month of birthdays to you all. spin

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I know how you feel Darlene...when I end up in the hospital for a bit, then come back here, I feel so bad for missing birthday wishes....but everyone is right, its a big job and Diane rocks at it. Question Diane...who remembers your Birthday and posts all those nice little tidbits for you...if ever you need a helper...let me know...

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