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Who is the person with the best and the worst musical tastes in this forum?

Carmen Smalley

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I'm guessing worst and best at looking very sexy in videos wearing skimpy clothing. Despite what they say, the thinner you are isn't necessarily better. Celine looks like she should put on 20 pounds or so. Shania, on the other hand, has some curves and looks great in all her videos. It's been so long since we've seen Eric, it's hard to say what he looks like - but here's hoping he's as sexy now as he was back in the 80's.


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Hi CS - Ahh ha! Of course you are just joking.

Silly me... :rolleyes:

I'm sorry for not understanding your "jokes"

Thanks for helping me understand your drug induced spanish humor. Of course I am

"reefer" ing to your other posts/topics haha

I completely understand now confused

See.....I have a sense of humor :p

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