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Tony, there's definitely a limit to my ability to afford trips! I can rationalize some of it like this - I have Raspberries concerts to thank for my first trips ever to New York, Chicago and Cleveland. I've finally gotten to see a bit of the world outside of California, and in addition to great shows, that's worth a lot. It seems funny to me that even when they come to California, I have to fly to see them. Southern California is like a world apart from what I'm used to...

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I love AGGIESJC AND SO DOES EVERYONE ON THIS BOARD THAT I talk to, with the possible exception of Aggisjc. Here's hoping she grows to love her too. She's special but we all know that. God bless her so very, very much.

Your friend,


BTW Happy Birthday sweetie. I happen to know next year's birthday will be better than this years' and the following one even better than that. You can write that down.

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