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Bruce Superbowl halftime


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That I'd clean up and restart this thread.

In todays time, I think Bruce's set ought to be fun, and connect with a whole new young audience. I have my teenage daughters watching in anticipation. I'd like to see it be his moment to pick up new fans, even if it is a cheesy venue. Remember Michael Jackson lip synching Billy Jean on Motowns 25th on TV? changed ev

Hate to say it, but I think he should sell out and work in a medley ( I know, I know..) of his radio hits to engage a new audience then play what he wants people to listen to after he has their attention.

A medley would be his "Oh yeah" moment for many, oh yeah he did that too..

To propel two careers, and engage the younger generation, What if he pulled Courtenty Cox out of the audience again, on 'Dancing.. Come on, Aniston is kicking her butt, and tying in the Friends connection with Bruce helps all.

When you have something to say, you need an audience first, the hits will bring ears, then bring your message with a new song.

Would Born in the USA be totally inappropriate, or totally right on?

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Was that high energy!!! Bruce...I held my breath when you slid on the stage!!! Thank goodness you did not get injured.

Wow...what a fantastic short set of signature music!! I am tired just watching it....

It somewhat reminded me of the Chicago HOB Berries concert... Was that ever high energy..!!

But I don't recall Eric rotating his guitar 360 about 5 times...

Thats ok...Chicago HOB was still one of the best concert I have ever seen!

This one was great too!!

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I would say that I have seen Springsteen 7 times in concert - I think the shortest one was three hours, the longest was four (of course all the shows were in Joisey!!) He puts every ounce of energy, charisma, talent and joy into every show and he did that again tonight.

HOW the HELL did he BEND LIKE he did at the opening???!!! The slide into the camera guy was hilarious and I thought "uh oh...he's just received the camera lens right in the solar plexus and lost his breath!!"

LOVED IT. AND he didn't lip sync.

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Lew...Were you watchin' on a 40 year old Emerson tube T.V.?

What Fun He was having! cool

He gave a message to the whole country both "Red and Blue"...that this was a night to be united in fun!

I think of the John Landau quote when he was writing for "Rolling Stone"....

"I have seen the future of Rock And Roll and it is Bruce Springsteen"!

Final thought...I guess Bruce is really the one to "undress" Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl by showing what a "lightweight she really is!-Ira.

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He is so past whatever you think he had...I dont care if he was having fun...That is meaningless when the point is that in front of billions of people viewing worldwide, maybe the biggest performance moment of his life and he was singing OFF KEY...Way to rise to the occasion "Boss"...oh, and by the way, i dont want to hear about how he is such a great songwriter...One of his biggest songs (Born In The USA) is considered a patriotic tune by the masses and he claims that its just the opposite...Way to communicate through your lyrics "Boss"...12 minutes was too long for this type of performer...Even some of you fans are posting that he was off key...Why is that acceptable to you?...Shouldnt you expect that the singer would sing on-key for a 12 minute performance?...

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Singing live, in a stadium, is about as difficult an environment as you'll ever find. I thought Bruce and the band did a fine job. His voice sounded a little tired to me, but not off-key. Maybe he sang too much at the sound check.

In any case, we've really got to learn to cut the good guys some slack. Bruce is a national treasure. A great writer and performer, at a time when most acts can't sing without auto-tune, play an instrument or write a decent song.

He's been touring since 1974 on a regular basis. He always gives 100%. I don't understand why Americans have such bloodlust for the artists they anoint stars. Why tear him down?

Was it really so terrible?

Critics do the same thing to The Stones when they tour, and to Paul McCartney every time he makes a record.

What's the point? That you're not as good at 60 as you were at 25? So what? Or is it that you should just hang it up after you turn 30?

These guys created the soundtracks to our lives. They deserve some respect.

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I thought he was great!

He gave 200% and the crowd LOVED him!

He really deserves a lot of respect- the guy doesn't tour because he needs the money- he tours because he LOVES it! And thank goodness he and many of the guys his age still do tour, otherwise many of us older fans would not have any good shows to go to!

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