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WAB wedding

Lew Bundles

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Hi Lew. Congratulations on the impending nuptials.

And Lewisa was just whispering in my ear last night (in between pleasure sighs)...that she also was all for you getting married again....something about her putting to better use those monthly alimony payments she's still sending you...


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Jeepers HT, this is Lew and Dianed's wedding thread. It wouldn't be good manners for me to talk about my 16 weddings with concubine #s 1-16.

P.S. Concubine #1 will be over the harem age limit (25) next year ...she'll be thrown out and a young blood will be brought in to replace her....so I guess that answers your question..

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This whole scenario would have made the perfect libretto for one of Mozart's operas, i.e. The Marriage of Figaro. (Lew, do you have any talent as a barber?!) I can just see it all on the WAB stage--mistaken identities, people running around in masks, Lew and Diane singing arias written by our present day Mozart, Mr. Carmen. It would be funnier than that hysterical one act opera, Gianni Schicchi, about the man who dies without a will and then his family pays the neighbor to masquerade as the dying father when the magistrate comes to record his bequests. Each family member comes in to convince the neighbor to leave it all to them, and in the end, he leaves it to himself, (Gianni Schicchi).

A total comedy of errors. There are definitely some great possibilities in Lew and Diane's wedding here for an Italian Opera.

smile --Dar

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Ah... its great to see ya back James.. laughinsane

Muzza cool

Ahh... yes I am so I can keep him in line when he starts in the with the "chicks" and GV verbage. Just keep in mind that I am NOT part his so called "harem". No, no. No way, no how.

Keep postin' there James, my boy. I'll be watching......


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