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WAB wedding

Lew Bundles

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As you all may or may not know, Dianed has connsented to marry Lew at the WAB...Who will be in attendance so that we can pick a wedding party, rice throwers,etc?...Captain Harlock will be the best man and Dianed will be the vomiter...All other positions are open...Kathy, you can be the singer(squealer) unless Eric shows up, then you are out...

If any of you have a special talent that will make our ceremony a more pleasurable event, please post them here...Diane and I will review them(after I revive her)...

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Looks like we're back to this again !!!

First of all, Lew, you spelled "consented" wrong !!!

Second of all, how much booze do you think it would take to get me to consent to this ?? On second thought, those of you who know me know I can get drunk on a bottle of Robitussin, so looks like I'm not drinking that day !!!

Third....expect a scene from "RUNAWAY BRIDE" !!!

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If only this wedding would come off at WAB (Wedding at Bernie's) I could die knowing LOVE lived on because of me. Please Dianed grant a dying man's last wish.

Tunesy, you're not going anywhere soon !! You still have lots of terrorizing to do on this board. Remember, only the good die young !! haha

So, I see I have some choices here. I could go along with this marriage or walk the plank. Hmmmm, slim pickins. frown Well, I guess I have to do what I have to do !!! After I eat, drink and party harty, I would rather walk that plank than get married. No offense to you Lew, ya know I love ya, but marriage ??? Two hot blooded, hot headed Italians living together ?? I think not.

Lets hope that walk on the plank is a short one !!!

Oh, and BTW, AnnieK.....after I take my "short-trip" you'll have to be in charge of the cheesecake !!! smile

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Alright Diane...Here is the way out of it for you...We get Muzza to perform the ceremony over the phone...It will actually be the 12th there in New Zealand...We go do the consumation thing and come back and annull it before the day changes...Technically, we got married on the 12th and divorced on the 11th...There might be a book deal for this somewhwere...

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Diane...Am I getting this right...Lew is like the nerd with the 99 average "Wishin' and Hopin'" to make this happen with the popular girl who "Thinks he's just a friend"? ("It Hurts To Be In Love"-Gene Pitney).-Ira.

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Mmm... I wonder if my Marriage authority is valid in the States???? confused I guess if it doesn't you won't need a divorce as you wont actually be legally married anyway. laugh:rolleyes:

I need to start working on the appropriate words for auspicious occassion wink

Rev Muzza cool

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