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I just love to see national acts in small clubs!!!! We have a small club (reconverted Movie Theater), Jaxx in springfield Va, 9:30 club Washington DC, etc. (See www.jaxxroxx.com) I have seen numerous bands there including Blue Oyster Cult (my favorite live band), Ian Hunter, Robin Trower, Savoy Brown, Molly Hatchet, Black Oak Arkansas, Wild Cherry, Fabulous Thunderbirds, many many more and excellent local bands. I think that small clubs, with great sound systems have given rise and resurgence to many bands of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Many of these bands would have gone under if it were not for the small club. Tell us about your small clubs and what bands you have seen.

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My favorite place to see bands is at small clubs. In 2002 I saw the following National bands in small clubs:

NRBQ - First Avenue - Mpls, MN

Dave Edmunds (solo) Suburban World Theatre - Mpls, MN

Southside Johnny & the Asbury Jukes - Cabooze - Mpls, MN

John Hiatt (solo) Weesner Amphitheatre (900 seat outdoor venue) - Mpls, MN

Dwight Twilley - 400 Bar - Mpls, MN

The Zombies (featuring Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent) First Avenue - Mpls, MN

Jayhawks - First Avenue - Mpls, MN

All were great Concerts in a small setting; without the big Arena "trappings". Two shows stood out from the rest:

Dave Edmunds put on a fantastic (100 minute) solo show. Played many of his "Hits" from Rockpile and solo days. Many instrumental treats including "Here Comes the Sun" a wonderful tribute to the late George Harrison. "Your Song" was gven an incredible instumental cover also. Plus a blistering "Sabre Dance". Edmunds is an amazing underrated guitarist.

The Dwight Twilley show was Power Pop Heaven. DT played the smallish 400 capacity 400 bar. His band featured original Twilley band guitarist: Bill Pitcock IV. Dwight classic voice (still intact) soared on "I'm on Fire", "Girls" Tulsa", "The Luck", "TV", "Rock 'n Roll '47" and many other pop gems. The 4 piece band was tight and the songs rocked note perfect. A very rare Live appearance by this Rock Legend.


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Don guess what? I was at that Twilley show!!! I was in Minnesota at the time visiting with family, and saw the ad in the paper for the show. You are correct in your review - it was an amazing show. I still can't figure out what Dwight was doing playing a small club in Minnesota and how lucky I was to be in town at the time to catch one of my musical heroes.


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Small venues on the left coast: The Roxy is warm but live, the Ice House is good. During Poptopia there are dozens of clubs in Hollywood with decent acoustics. Of the larger venues: The Greek theatre is very good, Universal Amphitheater used to be great until they put a lid on it; it's still good, though. Favorite act at a small club--hands down, Eric Carmen at the Roxy. Kirk.

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