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the KNACK at Taste of MN - a review!


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If the Raspberries are thinking about reforming. Here is a band from the late '70's that is still at the "TOP of their GAME LIVE". I saw the KNACK perform at Ice Cream Days in Le Mars IA (pop. 9,000) on July 3rd and at Taste of Minnesota; a free festival with 30,000 fans on July 5th in downtown St. Paul. The review is from Taste of Minnesota. Suffice to say; the KNACK "kick A** both nights!

Taste of Minnesota “Gets the KNACK”

The Knack Concert at Taste of Minnesota was one unforgettable show. A Hot Minnesota Summer day on St. Paul's Harriet Island proved to be the perfect place for some Great Rock and Roll. The Concert was scheduled to start at 6:00 pm. Due to a new location across from St. Paul; fans were late in arriving. You had to park downtown and then walk 6 blocks across the Wabasha Bridge or catch a trolley ride (if you were extremely lucky). By 6:30 the grounds near the main stage were crowded. The opening burst of “Pop is Dead” signaled the start of the Knack's 65-minute rule of Minnesota. While the band wailed; Doug's vocals were inaudible for the first couple verses due to microphone problems. The soundman quickly corrected the problem by the chorus. “Baby talks Dirty” and “Boys go Crazy” were high-energy songs that packed a power pop wallop. “Good Girls Don't” drew some big cheers. Like the previous Concert in Iowa; the band played songs from their entire catalog. “It's Not Me” from NATNG was stunning. Propelled by Berton's lead guitar and Holmes Jones rapid-fire drumming; add Doug's vocals plus the harmonies equals sheer pop perfection. “Tequila” was big crowd favorite with a huge chant: “TEQUILA” on the chorus. The Door's cover “Break on Through to the Other Side” was fantastic. Doug does an incredible version of Morrison's vocals and stage manners. Up next, “Frustrated” rocked hard. While “She's so Selfish” became another sing along with Doug coaxing the crowd on the “Selfish” chorus. A thundering version of “My Sharona” with some great jams by Berton, Prescott and Jones brought everyone to their feet. The Fans were singing and dancing to Sharona. Being the opening band: the soundman assumed the show was over and started to play background music. The Minnesota Fans would have no part of this and screamed louder and clapped incessantly. Back came the Knack for the 1-2 rock punch: Let Me Out” and “Your Number or Your Name”. All that was left was to “Have a Rave Up” and thanks to the Knack that's exactly what we did.

Some observations:

-Patty Green brought a Cool banner stating; “We Love (red Heart) the Knack” which drew smiles and “thumbs up” approval from the band.

-There were Fans behind me yelling, “Get the Knack” for most of the Concert.

-The energy level of the entire band was incredible during the show.

-Their musicianship and vocals are very tight and polished Live.

-Holmes Jones played a jet-black drum set in Iowa. He had an emerald green kit in Minnesota. They must travel with multiple guitars……and drums.

-The VOX amps looked cool on stage and added some great sound

-The band wore white shirts, black slacks and looked comfortable in the Minnesota Sun!

-Got my Round Trip album signed by all (including Holmes on the back)

-Doug remembered seeing me at the Iowa Concert!

Don Manderfeld

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