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Tommy T. - R. Hawley's New CD


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Hey Tommy - I just picked up the September issue of MOJO. Richard Hawley's new CD, "Lady's Bridge" got a disappointing review - 2 of 5 stars, with the comment - "Is the Sheffield Sinatra Just going through the motions?" The reviewer, Andrew Male, loved his last couple of CDs, "Coles Corner" (one of your faves), and its predecessor, "Lowedges"....says this new one sounds "big-time", with rich production, string sections, brass band blasts...but Richard sounds tired. He maintains the songs just aren't that strong, but hints that it might be due to RH's father dying while the new album was being recorded. Very cool guitar on the cover, though (replica of Eddie Cochran's old orange Gretsch 6120 with the P-90 pickup in the neck position....)

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Thanks JohnO. You are correct. I am a big fan of Richard Hawley's last CD "Cole's Corner". I thought it was the best cd of the year. I also have "Lowedges" which is good. I was not aware he had a new CD out. Thanks for the thoughtful heads up.

Another TOMMY TUNES FAVE is Tegan & Sara who just released a new CD "The Con". I just received it in the mail yesterday and put it on as I went to bed. I fell asleep after a few songs so can't tell you much about it.I'd beinterested in any reviews you may come across.

Meanwhile The Ultimate TOMMY TUNES FAVE Band "April March" just recently finished their new CD and are shopping for a label (sound familiar?). One TUNE from the CD is available on the internet and I like it a lot. I hope to be able to purchase it soon. Please let me know if you hear anything.

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