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Help, Have to CONSTANTLY Log On?


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I'm hoping someone can help me, lately I find myself having to CONSTANTLY, log on, when coming on EC.com, and other sites I frequent...this has become a real headache and never used to happen at this frequency...can anyone tell me for sure, if that's a true sign you have a virus, on your 'puter?! angry I pray not, but this has me really baffled. I do take care to "check" the box, that says it will keep you automatically logged on, and that normally would do the trick. I use my AVG anti virus scan every day, so not sure what the problem is...thanks so much y'all for any help/tips!! psych

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Hi Everyone,

Well, after a little investigating, it looks as though the New version, of my Ad Aware, might be causing my problems..after once I do a smart scan and remove the spyware, that seems to make it so I have to log back to EC.com and other sites. Ugh. Does anyone else use (the new) version of Ad Aware, and have the same problem? Guess it's back to square one (for a free spyware program!!)!

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If your computer is set to automatically install updates, you probably got a Microsoft security update recently and it cleaned out your cache and maybe even deleted cookies stored on your computer...without you even knowing it was happening. A lot of people have their update settings to auto install for convenience, but you never know if changes that Microsoft makes are going to effect how you use your computer.

Your next instinct might be to change your settings so you can choose what and when to install updates - but if you don't know a lot about computers, that might not be good. You could miss a critical security update. Now, dontcha wish you had a Mac?

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