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GREAT! Sandwiches!


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When I was in grade school...Before the advent of Microwaves and the possibility of re-warming GREAT meals you made at home...Lunch was brown paper bags filled with dull tuna,peanut butter and jelly,and smelly egg salad sandwiches.

Well about 30 years ago I fell in love with the since deceased author Lawrence Sanders.

In his "Deadly Sin" Series he featured a retired Captain...Edward X. Delaney (played in the movie "the First Deadly Sin" by no less than Frank Sinatra)...now a police department consultant.. whose passion was making incredible sandwiches late at night after returning from a "DAY OF GRUELING CASEWORK."!

It opened me up to the beauty of GREAT sandwiches on GREAT bread or incredible Onion Rolls or bagels or sour dough etc.

A great sandwich is truly a thing of beauty!

PLEASE! share some great sandwich ideas with a former Kosher guy who now embracea all the remarkable possibilities of mixing together ANYTHING he wants to!

All reasonable and mouth-watering suggestions are welcome! smilie -Ira.

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Ira...I remember kids bringing egg salad or tuna salad in a brown bag to elementary school on toasted wonder bread. If the damp 5-hour toast didn't gross you out...the warm mayo would.

In College, a nice jewish girl from the Midwood Section of Brooklyn introduced me to toasted bagels with cream cheese and (get this ..not exactly kosher) bacon. If that wasn't bad enough......she actually brought me home to meet her parents. I guess college IS for rebelling!


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My grandmother always insisted that you had to have "a nice ham sandwich" - now you could have it on Arnold White Bread, or pumpernickle, or rye ..... as long as it was "nice"....

Also to this day I still cannot make a tuna-fish sandwich the way my grandma did - I think it has something to do with cutting off the corners of the bread - but I'm not sure ahahahhaha.....

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Except on holidays, I've never been much of a "sit down to a meal" type--it's not that important to me-- but my husband and kids are. Usually I just grab whatever is handy and quick for myself and I normally eat standing in the kitchen. I've discovered that almost anything makes a great sandwich, but I rarely use any kind of meat. I'm teased about it constantly. My mother-in-law asks "What's on bread today?" My sister says I never learned to use a plate.

I had a friend spend the weekend when we were around 14 and while my parents were at work we ate mustard and potato chip sandwiches all day. :P

That's one my creations, but after Hollies' post and MJ's nice ham sandwiches I don't think I should elaborate. laugh

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I'm not much on cold lunchmeat type sandwiches.

However, I love Panini sandwiches! You know, the pressed, grilled sandwiches. There are so many combinations I could come up with. How about a "Chicken Cordon Bleu"- Ciabatta bread with chicken breast, a good ham (cappicolla would work here, Steve), Swiss cheese and dijon mustard?

I also can easily go vegetarian with Portobello mushrooms, Fresh mozzarella, ripe tomato, red onion, and balsamic vinagrette on roasted garlic bread.

An easy bagel sandwich is good quality roast beef, cream cheese and romaine lettuce on a toasted onion bagel. (Be sure to serve a dill pickle with this one.)

My family loves my homemade chicken salad and pimento cheese sandwiches on Hawaiian bread, croissants or yeast buns. I can barely eat the store bought versions.

Thanks, Ira! I'm trying to be good today. Now, I'll go to bed hungry and dream of sandwiches...

And... if Hugh Jackman heartpump:P is in the middle of one of those sandwiches... I'll have to ask John what that means!! confused

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Cappocolla is my favorite filling also. I've been experimenting with a variety of cheeses, onions and, of course, lots of mayo. Been fiddling with Dijon and horseradish, too. While doing all this, I rediscovered what has to be the bread of God, the Kaiser Roll. They make everything All right!

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