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Any prayers left for my mom? What a crappy week!

Tony Cartmill

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Ann Landers used to say that sometimes it's better to keep things that would hurt the other person to oneself. If you are or have kept a secret, sometimes revealing that fact does more harm than good, especially if it doesn't affect the here-and-now. Good luck! You have a great new little reason to work on it!

smile --Darlene

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tony,i'm sorry i didnt chime in earlier on this thread..hope mom is doing well,that had to been rough on u..in situations like that,one feels so helpless seeing a love one go thru any pain,misery,etc.. as far as your marriage goes,it does take alot of work to make it work,it doesnt just fall into your laps and live happily ever after,it just doesnt work that way..one thing i've learned is u have to be open w/your wife and visa versa and remind yourselves,noone is perfect and above criticism,including ourselves..lol,chris

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Tony, don't be afraid of counseling. You "may" be on the right track. John and I have been in counseling on and off for a few years trying to deal with the family and situations that we have. None of us are born spouses, we try to learn it along the way.<smile>

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