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Any prayers left for my mom? What a crappy week!

Tony Cartmill

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Hey Tony. I know Kiwi has assured you of our prayers... but I just want to say My thorts are with you all. And do you know anyone who repairs knees.

All this praying is wearing my trousers out... but I wont stop.

Our support is given willingly as are our prayers.

Muzza wink

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Mom came through pretty well today but she was in lots of pain tonight. It's supposed to get better tomorrow if she progresses well. She now has a bypass and a real pig's valve in her heart. I guess that is common these days. It should work OK in her heart, but she will have occasional desires to go roll in the mud. wink

"Mom, you're almost 80! Stop rolling in the mud, will ya huh?" :rolleyes:

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Ah Tony. I can only echo what Ira says. Keep strong and enjoy all the moments you have with your mum. I lost both my parents over 10 years ago and still smile when I think of all the stupid things I did and yet they still loved me and cared what happened to me.

Parents are a great invention. Mind you I reckon sons are as well. happy Daughters too. I have one and married someones.

You and your mum continue to be in our prayers.

Muzza (and Kiwi)

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