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Any prayers left for my mom? What a crappy week!

Tony Cartmill

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Geeez, Now my 79 year old Mom is waiting to be scheduled for open heart surgery in the next couple of days for a valve defect and blockage. We've been running tests on her sudden fatigue all week, and that's the diagnosis. So if you guys aren't all exhausted from the other emergencies the last couple of weeks, Momma needs some good vibes. She's a crabby old lady, but she still has alot of love to give...

She must be in cahoots with Kathy's dad... wink

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There's no such thing as too many prayer requests or too many prayers, especially where our families are concerned. It has been a tough time for some of us here but it's been so heartwarming to see so many more respond with such caring. Consider your Mom covered in prayer and keep us posted as things progress.

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Hope your Mother will be alright Tony. (I'm sure she will)

My best friend's Father passed away last week after his 4th bypass, He was 67. Of course he was warned by his doctors after the second one to give up smoking and drinking neither of which he did.

Some people will do whatever they want regardless of the consequences...


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