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That's not 100% true. A-Rod's ovewrall numbers are better than Ortiz (HRs, batting average, etc.) while Ortiz is much more productive and more feared in a clutch situation. So depending on what's more important to you, you could vote either way. What swings it to A-Rod is that the other half of the game he's playing Gold glove level defense while the other guy's sitting on the bench. You tell me who's more valuable.

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While I'm a life-long Yankee fan and an A-Rod fan, and I agree that Rodriguez is a much better all-around player than Ortiz AND had a better overall offensive season, I still would have voted for Ortiz for MVP in '05.

Simply, he appeared to win more ball games than A-Rod, hitting much better in clutch situations (53 points higher from the 7th inning on than A-Rod (.346 to .293), with 11 HRs to 4 and 33 RBI to 12)....and 62 points higher with runners in scoring position (.352 to .290). I say "appeared to win more ball games" because A-Rod could have saved quite a few with his glove. However, in most Yankees games I watched during the season, Alex was pretty much a non-factor at the plate in late innings.

While I could easily vote for either, I'd give a slight edge to Ortiz as far as being more valuable. There should also be some sort of a Player of the Year Award, IMO, that's geared primarily toward statistics. Derek Lee in the NL, who had a monster season, but on a crappy club, would at least have a shot at an award like that.

My comments about the DH mirror those of many sportswriters who were quoted as saying that they would not vote for a DH over a regular player....or would not do so unless the DH's numbers were overwhelmingly better.

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The Yankees are packed with All Star players and Arod being the Mvp really doesnt make any sense. Paul Konerko was alot more valuable to the White Sox... you take him out of their lineup and they wouldnt even make the playoffs. You take Arod out of the lineup and he is easily replaced. The most valuable player not the highest paid player in baseball then Arod should win every year.

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As a long-time Yankee fan, my reaction to their acquiring Damon is - GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.......

(Oh well, I eventually got over their getting that sex addict Wade Boggs, and he actually contributed toward a world title, if I recall...)

I would have preferred Juan Pierre.........

(At least that little b*stard will have to cut his hair & beard!......)

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As the thread that I started says,"Sacreligious."

I guess money really does speak louder that any sentimental / loyalty ties. Damon in pinstripes? Ugh! Maybe he'll be like the Biblical character Samson: short hair + no facial hair = powerless.


Marv, is that how the French Canadians spell "sacrilegious"?
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As a Yankee fan living near Boston, I know little kids' hearts broke all around New England when they woke up to the bad news about Damon. (Reminds me of the heartbreak I felt as a kid when the Yankees traded Bobby Murcer.)

I'm not totally in love with the signing. I agree with JohnO, Marvin, and others.... I mean, Damon's a great leadoff hitter, and he'll get some nice "cheapie" HRs down the RF line at Yankee Stadium, but...

a) On a purely emotional level, Damon's always going to seem like a Red Sock. I begrudgingly respected him as an "enemy," and I even thought his wild-man look was kind of a nice thing for baseball. It'll be weird seeing him in a suit and tie with the more corporate Yanks. Baseball needs characters like that, but he'll be a bit muted in pinstripes.

B) That's minor, though. The bigger thing is... Damon IS 32. I'd rather have had him on the Yankees the last four years than the next four. His arm is closer to a popgun than a rifle. And he doesn't run like he used to. But he does have power and he is productive. So I think he'll have an outstanding couple of seasons.

c) Most important, I thought the Yankee offense was strong anyway, really, and wish that that big wad of $52 million was spent on pitching. Heck, we could have two good arms come in for that price. Maybe a horse like Kevin Millwood and/or Jarod Washburn. The Yanks need pitching depth; an extra run per game is nice, but our geriatric hurlers didn't get any younger in the off-season.

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