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Baseball 2005


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You sould all have learned by now, not to count the Red Sox out of anything. I almost made that same mistake last year. These boys have had a taste of success and they want more, and so do I.

It was so much fun last year, and I just like to watch the games. I never thought we would win, we never do!!:spin It made it all that more thrilling and to be in the post season again, this year, it's just unbeliavle. I wasn't expecting it to happen 2 years in a row.

GO RED SOX laughlaugh

June happylaughlaugh :

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The Mariners had thier best seasons after A-Rod and The Big Unit left, not to mention Ken Griffey Jr. Much like the ChiSox this year after losing thier big bats.

World Series prediction- Cards over White Sox in 6. Would like to see houston make it, they have the pitching. Go Angels, even though I can't stand them either. Anybody but the pinstripes. RIP BoSox- you had your glory.

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"I never understand this "A Rod never comes up big" stuff. The guy had over 90 rbi's with runners in scoring position, and Randy won MANY big games leading the Diamondbacks to the WS a few years ago."


The Yankee fans always love their players when they're winning and hate their players when they lose.


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