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Baseball 2005


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Chicago Cubs Baseball fans are the best. Rain or shine, losing or winning always near capacity. While the only reason the Yankees are winning is because like the Brave owner unlimited supply of cash flow. The 2003 Cubs were a few outs away from being in a world series with a payroll almost half that of the Yankees... and we would have beat the Yankees that year.

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You are a Chicago dweller and will be a Chicago fan, while us East Coast NJ/NY dwellers will be either Yankee or Mets fans....so that's what makes the world go around and how you may or may not meet new friends. It's ok......keep rooting for your team and TommyTunes & I will be rooting GO YANKEES, YO YANKEES and.....Raspberries....Stay Alive! I think we can all agree on that one. LOL.


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CubfanMike- the day after seeing Raspberries in Chicago-my pal and I drove to Addison(?) Street to see Wrigley.What a thrill! I couldn"t believe how the park is like six feet from the curb 'cause it sits right in the neighborhood and is not ringed(is that a word?) by a parking lot. It was January and we just pulled right up in front and took it all in. Is it now a trendy neighborhood or does it still have lots of people whose families have been watching from rooftops and catching balls for years which is my image from TV.

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What's interesting was a Sports Illustrated poll a few months back.....fave baseball teams in NYC..

Yankees got an overwhelming amount of votes(as expected), and likewise the Mets were second.

But 4% of the NYC baseball fans are Red Sox fans, and got a distant(but surprising)third place.

The Cubs do indeed have the most die-hard fans, of any team---regardless of how they stand---

from what I see out there.

But let's not forget the Cardinal fans who do not live in St. Louis. People come from Arkansas and the Dakotas and other places to see Card games, and make an event out of a homestand. It's been estimated that the average Card fan travels 128 miles each way to the game!

No other MLB team's fans even comes close to that!!

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Ira, Wrigleyville is a classy yuppie neighborhood, the rooftop owners were in messy situation pending litigation a few years ago with the Tribune co. but have resolved their differences as the rooftop owners agreed to a percentage of profits . The Rooftops have been charging entrance fees since the 1980's before that I dont think anyone cared since the 1970's the only interesting players were Bill Buckner and Bruce Sutter. Wrigley Field is the House Of Blues of Rock Arenas since every seat is a great seat.. very close to the action.. even Jimmy Buffet played there a few weeks ago! Cmon Raspberries your next!

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Tommy, Tommy, Tommy,

You're living in the past my good friend.

Don't forget how well your over-rated pinstripers did in the last two world series they played in (ahem, they lost)

And let's just remind ourselves which team will FOREVER be known for the "greatest CHOKE of all time" (ahem, yes, the Yankees).

Oh, and let's not forget who's STILL holds the title "World Champions" (ahem, nooooo, not the Yankees).

Dave (livin' in Jersey but lovin' my Sox forevah!)

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