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FREE To A Good Home......

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My darling Kiwi, I will take Murray to my house and train him because I love you so much. All I need is....nothing. He doesn't know what he's up against and you will have a lovely holiday. I know it's winter there. Here's a message for my beloved Muzza:


If that's not what you'd like, Kiwi, just tell him "making love" is a euphemism for playing scrabble.

love ya - annie

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Well, we've got a nice spare bedroom upstairs and it's supposed to be in the 90's for awhile.... I suppose I could put him to work watering my plants......

Plenty of motor racing programmed into our Tivo--so that wouldn't be a problem. Not sure about the rugby, but I suppose it's somewhere on the satellite.......

We need some help planting the 80 acreas of sweet corn too.....hmmmmm....this is sounding pretty good. Kiwi--how soon can he get here??

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Hey, Muzz, I've got grandbabies all over the place. That's certainly your territory and will burn off some of that energy! You and John can be a couple of couch potatoes... hmmmm, actually it's Laura and Brad that are into racing (I'll get them to come over and play with you and they can bring two of the grandbabies!) Kiwi, you come, too, and escape with us girls!

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