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What are you going to be for Halloween?

Captain Harlock

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Halloween is right around the corner. So I was wondering if any of you are going out, perhaps to a Halloween party or taking your kids trick or treating, what are you going as if anything?

As for me, I've had my costume on reserve for over a month. I'm a geek I know. I went all out this year and rented one. I'm going to be (drumroll)...... Batman!

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We're supposed to dress up at work today. I'm going as a scarecrow. I've got the "boneless" walking part down cold and the dopey voice too. Should be pretty cute!


P.S. - Our pumpkin carving/decorating contest judging is today at work too. I painted creepy eyes and a mouth on my pumpkin, and then wrapped it up in surgical tape. I'm calling it "Mummy Dearest".

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Yes, my baby sister is going to be 46 and I remember the night she was born. It was cold and wet and we were out collecting that candy when my grandparents came out and said you have a new little sister. I really wanted a brother . . . but Adrienne turned out OK so I keep her. Happy B-day Baby Sister!!!!

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