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Just got back from a TKD tourney. Okay here's chore-gasms for ya'. Tomorrow I have to make rainbow (or tri-color cookies) "all by myself". Because as Ira and G know...I married the only Italian girl who doesn't cook.

This coupled with making these greek, philo-dough cheese things that I don't even know what they're called...along with my sauce (or gravy as Giro would call it). Geez all I can say is I'll be all chore-gasmed out by sunday!

John spineyeheartpump

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Speakin' of winter chores...I have it on good authority that GMan and his two very grown-up sons are knockin' on their neighbors' doors in Bayonne and offering to shovel the snow from their neighbors'driveways at a "reasonable sum" Or else...said neighbors may not get another chance at this "offer they can't refuse"!! eek

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