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Best Album Sides


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This is actually a harder subject to figure than you think........you will have one "good" or "OK" song that pales against an otherwise "all killer" lineup.

And as much as I like most of the Beatles' "White Album", there are actually a couple of duds thrown in there.

As far as consistency goes, I'm partial to side one of Led Zeppelin's "In Through the Out Door"( "In The Evening", etc) Ditto for side one of Badfinger's "Wish You Were Here"


Beach Boys-"In Concert"-side 4(two-disc set)

New Order-"Substance"-side 2

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Best Album sides I like-

1)Raspberries Fresh, - side-A, WHEN I HAD IT.

2)Electric Light Orchestra-FROM THE Discovery album, Side- B "Don't Bring Me Down"

3)SAGA- In Transit- side A "On The Loose"

4)Roy Orbison's - Mystery Girl- Side - A, "You Got It", "Wind Surfer"

5)Cliff Richard's- "I'm No Hero" Album,Side A, "Dreaming"

Many more.

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Here's one that I bet NO ONE would pick:

Side 2 of the Carpenters' "Now & Then." The side began with "Yesterday Once More", and then segued into a radio dj introducing the next batch of songs, all from the 1960's which Karen and Richard performed. It was a neat concept, with a radio station phone-in contest in between songs such as "One Fine Day", "Johnny Angel", and "Deadman's Curve.


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Edgar Winter Group Shock Treatment

Supertramp Breakfast In America

EC Boats

EJ yellow Brick Road

Alice Cooper Killer


Day at th Races

Night ar the Opera

Sheer heart attack

News Of the world

Ziggy startdust

Diamond dogs

Hoople - Mott

Just a few Of my Favs

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elton john 11-17-70

dan fogelberg the innocent age

meatloaf bat out of hell

bruce the wild the innocent and the e street shuufle

james taylor sweet baby james

intorducing the beatles

jeff beck blow by blow

artful dodger (artful dodger)

raspberries fresh

eric carmen boats against the current

dwight twilley sincerely

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if i had to choose a 'Berries side, it would be side one of "Starting Over"


1. side 2 of Neil Young's "On The Beach"

2. side 3 of Elton John' s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

3. side 2 of Dusty Springfield's "Dusty In Memphis"

4. side 1 of Zobies' "Oddesey & Oracle"

5. side 1 of Big Star's "Radio City"

6. side 1 of Todd Rundgren's "The Ballad Of Todd Rundgren"

7. side 2 of Nilsson's "Aerial Ballet"

8. side 1 of Joni Mitchell's "Court & Spark"

9. side 1 of Mott The Hoople's "Mott"

10. side 2 of New York Dolls' "New York Dolls"

11. side 1 of Sex Pistols' "Never Mind The Bollocks..."

12. side 2 and side 4 of Rolling Stones' "Exile On Main St."

13. side 2 of Led Zeppelin's "IV"

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My perfect album sides (n no particular order):

Eric Carmen, Boats Against The Current (both sides)

Cheap Trick, In Color - Side 1

David Bowie, Ziggy Stardust (both sides)

Jellyfish, Bellybutton (on CD -- no sides, although I suppose you can pop it in upside down :-)

Jethro Tull, Aqualung (both sides)

John Lennon, Imagine - Side 1

Led Zeppelin, IV - Side 1

Paul McCartney, Ram (both sides)

Queen, A Night At The Opera (both sides)

Raspberries, Fresh - Side 1

Robert A. Johnson, Close Personal Friend - Side 1

The Rolling Stones, Sticky Fingers - Side 1

The Beatles, Abbey Road - Side 2


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