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What A Surprise - What Gift Did You Get


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John knew that I'd had a particularly difficult holiday season this year and was exhausted. He decided to be romantic. For years I've teased him giggling, "So, are you getting me diamonds this year?" and we'd laugh. This year he shocked me to tears with a diamond journey necklace and a dozen white roses. haha

Our kids pitched in together and are getting tickets for us to join them for "Jersey Boys". I love to dress up and go out! spin

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I found out that one of my gifts to Herman was a bit strange. I bought him a beautiful compendium of Fifties and Sixties Cars--a huge book by an expert. He opens it up and is thrilled, but says (the photos are breathtaking but...) the information is wrong under them.

I was really disappointed, but he loves the photos so, he's keeping it.

So, Herman, why didn't YOU write the book, then?

I'm glad he loved his other gifts, though.

I got from him a beautiful treasury of virtuosic violin classic solos. I'm secretly hoping there are a few misprints in it so I don't feel so embarrassed about the automobile book.

smile --D

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