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Carpenters - Great band, or troublemakers?


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If you love the Carpenters, how can you not love Paul Williams, the songwriter behind many of their hits? I'd recommend checking out some of Paul's recordings -- many of which sound like Karen should have sung them, understandably she wasn't able to. He's not a good singer (by any standards) but his songs are just amazing and they transcend his limited abilities to sing them.


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I leave town on business (Charlotte, Columbus, and Oklahoma City, not freaking Finland (must have been a nice shoot, Bernie)!), take my eyes off the board for a few days and all hell breaks loose.

Honestly, I was just killing time at work with "We've Only Just Begun" stuck in my head when I Googled the list of hits and wrote the darn post.

And now it's gone, all gone! Like Ralphie's Christmas turkey!

I was flattered when the post kept bobbing to the toppermost of the postermost, but quite honestly quit reading after a while.

And I thought all the action was because you liked me ... you really liked me!



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If you love the Carpenters, how can you not love Paul Williams,


EXACTLY..... PW is the genius behind so much great pop from 1968-1973...

it is the heart & soul of the artist that you hear on :

"out in the country"

"old fashioned love song"

"you & me against the world"

"we've only just begun"

"rainy days & mondays""

"i won't last a day without you"

and other lesser known gems:


"traveling boy"

"waking up alone"

"little girl"

this is PURE Paul Williams at his best

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The man can indeed write, but really should have stayed away from a microphone (imo). Rainbow Connection was a great song! Marv, do you remember which Carpenter's album it was on? I didn't find it on any of mine. I only have the Kermie version.

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Well I don't know if "Rainbow" was ever 'officially' released, but here is some info I found on a Carpenters site:


AS TIME GOES BY - Finally released in the U.S. on Tuesday April 13, 2004 after having been released in Japan in 2001. This collection of rarities has become a favorite with Carpenters fans around the world. Songs like "Rainbow Connection", "California Dreamin'", and "Leave Yesterday Behind" make this album an essential.



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This goes in the "6 degrees of Paul Williams" category. As late as the 80's or 90's (last time I saw him) my neighbor across the street in west L.A. was Paul's band leader. His name is Chris Caswell. Don't know if they are still together or not. Kirk.

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