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Welcome Annie Dolan


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I told her that if she wanted to hang out here she had to be ready to play with the big kids. :lol: She smiled that wicked little smile of hers and signed up immediately. :lol:

Annie is a remarkable young woman who helps me remodel the house, helps me care for my two little grandsons every day, volunteers as a camp counselor to help kids, AND still finds time to sign up for a photography class at the local community college and enter her photographs in the County Fair! To tell the truth, I just stay out of her way and watch her do her stuff!!! :lol: She'll hold her own here just fine! :P

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Welcome... I'm enjoying your posts already. And until I read it on another thread, I didn't even realize from your posts that you're a teenager. Speaking as someone who was 12 when the Raspberries hit in 1972 (man, do I feel old now!), I think it's awesome to have a teenager at EC.com --- great music is great music, from any era.

Now, if I can get my 8- or 5-year-old daughters to register here, we'll get some even younger members!

PS: Actually, some day, they might. They're fans of EC and Raspberries, and they got a huge thrill out of meeting Eric at his b'day party last summer.



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