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Slingin' Sammy Baugh


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I went to TCU and love Horned Frog football. They're "the little engine that could". 8000 student, private Christian school, booted from a major conference (SWC dissolved), but still annually a top 25 level type program. I still listen to their games on the radio every week (via computer) and know some on the history of their program.

When I think of Sammy Baugh, I think of the first great Horned Frog. He didn't win the Heisman, nor a National Championship (his successor Davey O'Brien won both in 1938), but he ended up being a great pro..

RIP Sammy!

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One of the all-time greats, he still holds the NFL single season record for punting average, and was a great defensive back, in addition to being the Redskins' QB for over a decade.

Sadly, there really aren't enough Redskins fans out there who are old enough to have even heard of him.....although he is definitely the team's all-time best QB and punter!

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I loved Sammy Baugh! I rank him among the top five QBs of all time (with Unitas, Montana, Favre, of course, and Marino, IMHO). But he's too often forgotten in such discussions because he played so long ago. A good friend of mine interviewed him at his farm in Texas in the late 1990s and wrote a great feature about him for The Sporting News. Baugh was truly a character, full of p!ss and vinegar even into his 90s, and a football fan until the end.

PS: Raspy, that link you posted is down.

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