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Greg Shaw's All-Time Power Pop Records (March 1978)


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here it is.... as listed in the special power pop issue of BOMP! magazine in 1978... some of the obscure '60s tracks (i.e. Masters Apprentices, Smoke, The Thoughts) surfaced on the Nuggets II box set...

his omissions (Hollies, Badfinger, Beatles, Artful Dodger, Crabby Appleton) are those he deemed "pop/rock" artists who lacked the sufficient "danger" element-- something which is a conflict with the inclusion of Twilley, Pagliaro, and Abba--

The Hollies' "I Can't Let Go" and "When Your Lights Turned On" should be on the list as well as Artful Dodger's "Alright" and "Think Think" and Badfinger's "Baby Blue" and "No Matter What" as well as Crabby Appleton's "Go Back," The Pop's "You Oughta Know," Cheap Trick's "Oh Candy," "Come On Come On," "So Good To See You"... still, a pretty darn definitive list....

1. THE RASPBERRIES: Go All The Way; Ecstasy; I Wanna Be With You; Tonite

2. THE WHO: The Kids Are Alright; I Can See For Miles; Anyway Anyhow Anywhere; Cal Me Lightning; Substitute; Legal Matter; etc.

3: THE RAMONES: Oh Oh I Love Her So; Sheena Is A Punk Rocker; Rockaway Beach; etc

4. THE EASYBEATS: Friday On My Mind; Sorry; Good Times; Easy

5. CREATION: Making Time; Biff Bang Pow; Painter Man

6. BIG STAR: September Gurls

7. SMALL FACES: Afterglow; All or Nothing; Tin Soldier; Sha La La Lee; Sorry She's Mine; etc.

8. KINKS: Till The End Of The Day; All Day & All Of The Night; You Really Got Me; Who'll Be The Next In Line; too many more to list!

9. THE BOYS: The First Time

10. ABBA: So Long; Waterloo; Rock & Roll Band

11. GENERATION X: Your Generation


13. THE JAM: In The City

14. JOOK: Crazy Kids

15. MASTERS APPRENTICES: Wars Or Hands Of Time

16. THE QUICK: Pretty Please Me

17. PAGLIARO: Lovin' You Ain't Easy; Some Sing Some Dance

18. THE SMOKE: My Friend Jack

19. THE FLAMIN' GROOVIES: Shake Some Action; I Can't Hide

20. BAY CITY ROLLERS: I Only Wanna Be With You; Saturday Night


22. WIZARDS: See You Tonight

23. STREAK: Bang Bang Bullet

24. EQUALS: I Can See But You Don't Know

25. SWEET: Hellraiser, Little Willy; Blockbuster

26. THE MOVE: Do Ya

27. THE THOUGHTS: All Night Stand

28. EDDIE & THE HOT RODS: Do Anything You Wanna Do

29. STANLEY FRANK: S'cool Days

30. SLADE: Cum On Feel The Noize

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I used to have the "Sladest" album many moons ago. They were a fun band for sure, but their rather predictable music was probably a reason why they never caught on this side of the Atlantic. Now where did I recently see Noddy Holder's name in movie credits? Hmmm...? Methinks it might have been in "Shrek."


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Mr.Pierson, do you remember Eddie & The Cruisers,

I liked the movies 1 & 2 , plus the soundtrack is great.

I like most of the songs, Albums, you mention, like

Pagliaro, Ramones, Abba, Of Course, The Raspberries, it goes on.

I saw the Henry Gross Album at the food bank for sale, The song Shannon was on it, I was going to

get it, I said, no to myself, I have got to look

for Eric Carmen albums, the ones I need.

Or, Into The Street" by, Boulevard.

I didn't get the Henry Gross album.

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They were a fun band for sure, but their rather predictable music was probably a reason why they never caught on this side of the Atlantic.


Than why AC/DC??

plus Slade wrote some top notch ballads: "How Does It Feel," "Everyday," and the mid-tempo "Far Far Away" amply proving they had more dimensions to them than your run-of-the-mill glitter rock band...

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Pierson I'm not a big fan of AC/DC, but way back when, I did like Slade. I could never understand why Slade were as popular as they were in the UK. Sure their songs were catchy, but all in all, their songs were pretty juvenile (this coming from someone who owned a few of their albums), and every hit sounded like the one before it. The silly misspellings of their songs didn't help when it came to taking them seriously. I think this is where you can divide the line between Slade and AC/DC. AC/DC, especially when Bon Scott was at the helm, were seen as somewhat more dangerous than Slade, who were seen as simply another of the glitter/glam bands coming out of the UK at that time.


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yeah... AC/DC's success was mainly because they had an edge and really were a definitive hard rock band... I think you're right, to some degree... Like T. Rex, Slade's huge onslaught of top 10 UK hits doesn't show much in the development department, say, like The Raspberries... T. Rex & Slade never really evolved... Slade did have some gems, like "Cos I Luv You" (their 1st UK #1--and probably their best), "Far far Away," "When The Lights Are Out" and "Do We Still Do It." During the hits-streak, they rarely hit a lull, despite being a bit lightweight and repetitive... They're standard stayed consistent, unlike, say April Wine, who I find very hit & miss... England has a way of over-hyping things and they embrace it for the 5-year or 3-year sprint... Slade's huge UK chart success (12 top 3 singles--6 #1s) is a bit crazzeee, but it sure gave rock and roll some levity in such a serious period where almost everyone was getting too BIG for their own 6-strings (extended solos, beards, opera...). Sounds like the Raspberries' concept.

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Bob Allen, glad you mentioned "When the Lights Are Out"....Great, great, underrated song.....too bad it was essentially a hit in England and nowhere else.

And although Quiet Riot is obviously enamoured with Slade had success with two other Slade songs, I don't think they could have pulled this one off......way too melodic and poppy for them.

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George Young of the Easybeats is the older brother of Malcom and Angus, of AC-DC.

A few other power pop tunes worth mentioning;

"Tickler" by EarthQuake.....charted in the Bay Area but really didn't do anything elsewhere. Good song, though.

"Running Away from Love" by the Honeys(Marilyn Wilson's group)is another good choice.

How about the Rollers'"Money Honey".;"Nowhere's to Far for My Baby" by Peter Frampton;"Midnight Rendezvous" by the Babys....

Plastic Bertrand did a good French version of "Sha La La La La Lee".....in fact the whole "Ca Plane Pour Moi" album is great, save for the stupid "Wah Wah" song.

"Betty Drops In" by Scruffy the Cat is also high on my list.

How about "Hey Jealousy" by the Gin Blossoms, or "Precious to Me" by Phil Seymour? And a couple of more Badfinger tunes are worth a mention, "Just a Chance" and "Midnight Sun".

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Wow nice to see someone else who knows "Precious to Me" by Phil Seymour. A fabulous slice of pop heaven. In fact, Phil's first album is among my favourite albums of alltime. For those of you who might not know, Phil was Dwight Twilley's drummer and co-writer/singer. Sadly, Phil passed away a few years ago.


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Singer/drummer/bassist Phil Seymour was born on May 15, 1952 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Phil died of lymphoma on August 17, 1993. The song "Precious To Me" went to # 22 (Hot 100) back on March & April of 1981. It also hit # 34 on the Billboard Album Rock Charts & # 34 on the Billboars Adult Contemporary Charts. Phil also Bubbled Under with the remake of the Bobby Fuller Four 1966 song "Let Her Dance" which went to # 110 back in May of 1981. The album Phil Seymour on Boardwalk went to # 64 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts back in April of 1981. Phil was also with the Textones with singer Carla Olson in which Phil played the drums on the album "Midnight Mission" on Gold Mountain which went to # 176 back in January of 1985. The song called "Midnight Mission" (with Don Henley on backing vocal) went to # 109 on the Bubbling Under Singles Charts back in July of 1985. The song did NOT chart on the Billboard Album Rock Charts. Matt

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Pierson....just read your list...I was surprised to find Stanley Frank's S'cool Days....

I did some studio work at Montreal Sound (or was it RCA studios?) for Stanley back around 88...played piano and did backups....I also a CD Complilation the he sent me about a year ago...there's some great stuff on it.


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